mmr vaccine damage

H was a typical child with normal development. At two-and-a-half years he started to regress slowly and lost all his speech. He withdrew into his own world and was mute for the next 2 years.

At the age of  4, he was diagnosed with Autism, as well as PANDAS associated with streptococcal infection. He has now finished his 1st dose of MMR detox remedy, The positive changes in him have been noticed by myself and everyone around us.

His speech has dramatically improved form the 2 words  ‘Mum & Dad’ to sentences. (!)

He enjoys singing to songs and is seeking out everyone around him to engage with them, unlike before when it was only solitary play.

He now has regular bowel movement. He has improved from movements only twice a week (since the MMR vaccine) to everyday, or every other day. He also has less aggression and there has not been an episode of Throat infection for the last 4 months. (prior to this prescription he had chronic tonsillitis & swollen almost occluded tonsils for 2 years!)

His social & motor skills skills have improved both at school and home. He is now very aware of his surrounding and emotions.

we are looking forward to see the positive changes the next remedy will bring.

Very Happy.


Prescription was: MMR Vaccine 30c, 200c, 1m & 10m over 8 weeks + Baryta-Carb 200c once-a-week

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