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We are one month into our homeopathic journey with Alan Freestone and our 7 year old son is making good progress in all areas. Our son has many issues including global developmental delay, digestive issues, dyspraxia, poor gross and fine motor skills, sensory issues, cognitive issues, speech problems and low muscle tone to name a few. We are particularly thrilled to see gains so far in the cognitive area. We have found Alan to be knowledgeable, approachable, passionate about healing and particularly good at gaining a detailed history before treatment starts. We began with a 15 minute skype consult to get to know each other and help decide if he could help us and that we felt comfortable with him. The next appointment was taking a detailed case history and then Alan designed a treatment plan. As we are new to homeopathy it has been comforting to know that Alan is available to give ongoing advice as treatment continues. We have an appointment with Alan every 5 weeks to ensure continuity of treatment and continuing progress and we are finding that homeopathy sits well with the biomedical and dietary intervention which we are already using. Thank you Alan. Jo BG