K.C (USA) – Asthma

“Ten months ago my daughter developed a chronic cough that lasted for months.  She was at the doctor weekly. She had x-rays, antibiotics, and allergy testing.  She was on numerous supplements, vitamins and allergy medications. Nothing helped and her breathing continued to decline until she was hospitalized. She was finally diagnosed with asthma and prescribed steroid and albuterol inhalers. These did not effectively manage her asthma and she again landed in the hospital.  This time was worse than the last- she had to be given oxygen for over 24 hours and oral steroids to stabilize her breathing.

I started researching homeopathy and found several recommendations for Alan on a facebook group.  Out of complete desperation I made an appointment with Alan 5 weeks ago.  Within a week of her first remedy we saw improvement in her breathing.  After two weeks we were using her rescue inhaler 75% less frequently than before and had taken her off of her steroid inhaler.  In the past month she has only needed her rescue inhaler 3 times compared to almost daily before homeopathy.  We’ve also seen a 50% improvement in her constipation in the past month.  The change in my daughter has been nothing short of miraculous.  We had tried over thirty vitamins, supplements, and medications with little progress before seeing Alan. “

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