M.M – Autism. (Eire)

Boy age 6.5 has ASD , severe apraxia, non-verbal. We have been on the road to recovery using bio medical interventions for a number of years with diet, testing and supplements among other things with great results. However it is now through working with Alan and his using CEASE therapy that our sons development has soared! We knew we were missing something and Alan is that something. My son has only completed his first detox and he is like a different child. He now has some key words and is willing to attempt any word when asked. His pretend play is kicking in, he is more mature, he is imitating, he is initiating social games, he is more loving, spontaneous & responsive. His ATEC score (originally at age 2 was 176) when we came to Alan was 54 and has dropped a staggering 20 points to 34 in only 8 weeks! Our little boy is like a butterfly opening up beautifully and it’s so amazing to watch. I cannot wait for the next detox and subsequent detoxes. Our Sons future is so exciting and we have no doubt that Alan and his amazing work will play a key role in taking him across the finish line.

Notes on the remedies used: Steroid detox + Tuberculinum-Koch 200c + Carbo Veg 6c

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