PANDAS Case (Z.O – Turkey)

My son age 5 years old with Autism spectrum disorder was diagnosed at age 3 years old. At age 3 1/2 years old I noticed a change in his behaviour, it was horrifying to watch my son change from a happy, playful child to a child frightened to leave the house. He developed verbal tics and OCD behaviours. His daily rages affected the whole family, including his twin brother (also with ASD).
Discussing my sons symptoms to his Paediatrician, I was told this was very normal behaviour for someone with “autism” I could not except this, my son changed over night.
We were walking on eggshells around him at all times, we wouldn’t do anything that might remotely mess with his routine or schedule ( we hardly left the house at this point as I left my job to take care of both my boys) If he was set off and had a tantrum- there was no stopping it. He would scream, cry and rage until he ran out of steam and eventually fall asleep. It would take hours, nothing could pull him out of it-believe me, we tried.
I started to research my sons symptoms and suspected he may have PANDAS. I searched for a doctor treating such condition and was unsuccessful in my country. After recently reading about a mothers similar experience, I came across Alan Freestone’s website. I recently learnt that Alan had worked with children with PANDAS and decided to contact him.
After discussing my sons timeline, Alan prescribed his first set of remedies. On day 1 of giving my son his first remedy, I noticed he was slightly calmer. Within a week It became definite that Alan remedies were working, over a course of a couple of weeks my sons tantrums and OCD left him.
 I can not describe the relentless stress and disruption inflicted on the normal every-day aspects of the family plagued with PANDAS is something that is quite beyond the non-afflicted family members ability to imagine.
My son is age 5 1/2 years old now. He is back to his happy cheerful self, humming to his favourite songs, it’s my only deepest regret I did not contact Alan any sooner. I am looking forward to the Vaccination detox remedies as we will continue to heal both my boys with homeopathy. Thank you Alan.
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