S.W Autism (USA)

My seven-year-old daughter started the poly metal detox with Alan eight weeks ago… We saw massive reactions to it including sound sensitivity where she put her hands over her ears, yeast flares , defiance , vomiting, screaming , pinching , green watery stool, pee tox, irritability , but we’ve also seen some amazing gains from it.

She identified the color blue for the first time ever shortly after starting poly metals, she is following multi-step directions much better and understanding more, she tanned for the first time ever… Which is a big deal because we live in Florida and she is always in the sun…. She has never been able to get color before. She is also intentionally being defiant which is higher level thinking…

We are starting the poly metal detox over again (per Alan) because she is still reacting so she must still have more metals… Hopefully we will see more gains from it because she is certainly still having more aggravations now.

We hope to see even more gains in the coming weeks.

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