Vaccine Detox Using Homeopathy (L.S)

Alan is our second homeopath, I was loosing my hope and my mind but thanks to him we look forward on what tomorrow brings. Our son regressed after vaccination around age 2, we were slowly loosing him, his speech, his motor skills, the list can go on.

Since starting homeopathy with Alan, my baby has been noticing the world around him again, he grabs toys, for the first time in couple of years when he looks at me I feel like he is here, not drifted away.

All this only after 8 weeks of poly vax. remedies. Our next remedies are on the way, and I know that we will see more improvement. I am so grateful I didn’t give up on homeopathy after our first experience with someone else.Thank you Alan for everything you do to help our children. 

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