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M.B (USA) Autism.

…”before my initial consultation with Alan, my four and half year old little man was running round in circles every evening…he was leading by hand pushing me from behind to lead me to the confectionery cupboard then just standing there..! He now points, oh my god my son points, he says “mummy”, “cloud mummy”, “sweet mummy”, “juice mummy”, “no”..! boy, I can’t tell you how this has made me feel. Honestly, my son was vacant most of the day, now he comes up right to my face looks me square in the eye and demands his scooter he says, “mummy playground”..! Yes only two words sentences but two words which is functional language something my son has never had..!

Alan has been phenomenal in selecting the correct remedies for E, I feel like my prayers have been answered. I’m so excited for E and this journey we’re on..I truly believe my son’s autism was a direct result of vaccines. He was a happy-go-lucky little boy, but soon after being vaccinated he had a high fever and became lost in his own world not responding to anyone calling out his name, constantly displaying obsessive repetitive behaviours. But now such behaviours are rapidly phasing out..! All thanks to the wonderful Alan Freestone!!! Im looking forward to starting the new remedies and this journey in helping my beautiful son recover..! From a very happy and hopeful mother…x”

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Vaccine Detox Using Homeopathy (L.S)

Alan is our second homeopath, I was loosing my hope and my mind but thanks to him we look forward on what tomorrow brings. Our son regressed after vaccination around age 2, we were slowly loosing him, his speech, his motor skills, the list can go on.

Since starting homeopathy with Alan, my baby has been noticing the world around him again, he grabs toys, for the first time in couple of years when he looks at me I feel like he is here, not drifted away.

All this only after 8 weeks of poly vax. remedies. Our next remedies are on the way, and I know that we will see more improvement. I am so grateful I didn’t give up on homeopathy after our first experience with someone else.Thank you Alan for everything you do to help our children. 

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W.C (UK) Autism

“Started Homeopathy with Alan, our 3yr old son, use to eat, talk, play and was a happy content child, he got to 18mths and he stopped talking and we just had echolalia stopped eating, no eye contact, no role play or social interaction with other children starting ticking and tippy toe walking.
We know it will be a slow process but we are happy with how its going so far he has been on his prescription from Alan for 4 weeks now and we have seen improvements, he is singing songs, more focused and taking direction and interacting more. Will be continuing with new prescription and will also note along the way of any new improvements hopefully we will still see improvements on our road to recovery.”
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D.D (USA) Female, 3 years old, Sensory Processing Disorder

“It is amazing that after just few days I could see already some gains from the homeopathy. Unfortunately my daughter was born with some health issues like SPD (sensory processing disorder), low muscle tone, always an extremely picky eater, digestive issues like chronic constipation and she was also unable to bond with me. Since the first day of her life, I was worried about her health and I have lost many nights of sleep reading, trying to find ways to help her, at that point I was drowning in a sea of sadness.

I went to 6 pediatricians, 3 nurses, chiropractors and no one was able to help her, I was at my wits end but I never gave up trying to find a way to improve her health . After one year on a special diet and taking supplements we had some gains but it was not yet enough, so I decided to give homeopathy a try. We were not so lucky with our first homeopath but my heart was telling me, we were in the right path, so after researching I heard excellent reviews about Alan Freestone and booked immediately a consultation with him and I’m so happy I did it.

We are now on the 5th week of our journey with Alan and I feel for the first time that I can relax because I know my daughter is in good hands, finally a professional who listened to me and is solving her health issues.

Nowadays she is more loving, more calm, bowels working regularly, trying slowly new foods and sleeping much better, she is even considering to sleep in her own bed, before homeopathy she would only sleep if I was lying beside her.

I have no words to describe my gratitude to Alan and I feel that soon all the worries I’ve always had because of my daughter’s health will be gone. Thank you so much Alan!”

This was a great case. Remedies used:

Lac Maternum (mother’s milk). Often very useful if there was little/no breast feeding & mother & child had difficulty bonding.

Plumbum (lead) & Alumina (aluminium). Both very useful for constipation.

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B.W (USA) – Autism

My son was diagnosed with autism at 2 ½. He had no spontaneous language, little eye contact and it was very difficult to get his attention.

After diet and vitamins, we saw some improvement, but it wasn’t until we started with homeopathy that we started to see big gains. My son made a lot of progress over the years, but was still clearly on the spectrum.

But then, around age 6, he started developing tics and with them, came regression. I don’t think there is a more terrible word in the autism world than regression. To watch your child lose skills that they have previously gained is so heartbreaking. Our homeopath at the time would give him a remedy and he would gain back what he lost, only to suffer from tics again and with them, regression.

This was a cycle that went on for more than two years when I decided to contact Alan. In just a year, I am amazed at the progress my son has made, and more importantly, has never lost. The protocol is much more aggressive, and has worked so much faster. At this point my son is 9 and I see little evidence of autism. His social skills are such that I can take him to the playground and sit and read a book as I know he is OK. Also he has performed in his school talent show and recently starred in a play at theater camp. I am so grateful for where he is at and so happy that I decided to contact Alan.

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T.A (USA) – Autism

My almost 5 year old boy was diagnosed with Autism a few days after his third birthday.

His dad and I were at lost.


After searching and searching in the internet, we decided to try the Biomedical approach. Our first appointment costed $800, plus a box of $500 worth of supplements, and about 5 test kits worth thousands of dollars.


We started giving him about twenty or more supplements per day and we put him on a strict diet. Unfortunately, about three weeks from starting the treatment, his symptoms worsened. His belly popped out, he began going around in circles, he got constipated for the first time in his life, began scripting , etc. His DAN/MAPS (biomedical doctor) answer was : “Oops!”

Little I knew that all these supplements contained silica and other additives that contributed to his already high toxic load.

I continued biomedical for another year. I even changed DAN/MAPS three times thinking that the next was going to be better than the other. Each time I went there I came out with 3-5 test kits and more supplements. His symptoms kept getting worse.


I kept battling bacteria to get yeast. I killed the yeast to get bacteria. I killed parasites to get more yeast…..

Finally, after a year, I gave up and decided to educate myself.


That’s how after several sleepless nights of doing research I decided to try CEASE Homeopathy and Alan.

We started with the lowest dose of the polyvaccine remedy.


He immediately started to ask “where?” “what?” “who?” questions. He began to awake to this world.

“Mommy: What is this?” (Bricks). “Mommy: What are they for?” (You build houses and buildings with bricks”).

His vocabulary exploded! I could not believe it!

I even loved when he shut me up!

“Mommy, please! Be quiet!”

He also began to follow complicated directions and doing things he never did before. Like opening the children’s security latch of the TV stand, finding his own film, opening the DVD player, using the remote to press “play”, “pause”, “stop”. He even learned to disconnect the electricity button of the TV to annoy his sister!

We could not believe our eyes!

At the end of the eight weeks, I even began to push Spanish on him. Spanish is our first language. English is our second. However, English is his favorite language since he heard it at school every day. To my surprise, he began to catch it really fast!


Two weeks ago, we had his annual IEP meeting. He was voted unanimously by all the team to go to mainstream kindergarten.

What else can I say?

Thank you Alan!

We owe you a big one!

The Arranz family


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G.S (UK) – Attention Deficit Disorder

We have been working with Alan for the past three months for my son who showed many symptoms of ADD we had worked with my sons diet for two years prior to starting homeopathy with Alan and he showed some improvement with that, but many struggles still remained – he had a tic and constantly picked at his skin, he could not sit at peace at home or school, transitioning was a huge problem for him also! School had become a huge battle and he was starting to want to stay home more and more.

After the first lot of remedies we noticed improvement in all aspects, the sense of calm these remedies have brought is astounding he can now pay attention the tic he had is gone and no more skin picking, he seems to get happier by the day. The anger he always showed is gone, speaking with his teacher she said he had made significant progress over the last twelve weeks!! I can’t thank Alan enough I feel my sons future is no longer a dark one but a bright and happy one.

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K.C (USA) – Asthma

“Ten months ago my daughter developed a chronic cough that lasted for months.  She was at the doctor weekly. She had x-rays, antibiotics, and allergy testing.  She was on numerous supplements, vitamins and allergy medications. Nothing helped and her breathing continued to decline until she was hospitalized. She was finally diagnosed with asthma and prescribed steroid and albuterol inhalers. These did not effectively manage her asthma and she again landed in the hospital.  This time was worse than the last- she had to be given oxygen for over 24 hours and oral steroids to stabilize her breathing.

I started researching homeopathy and found several recommendations for Alan on a facebook group.  Out of complete desperation I made an appointment with Alan 5 weeks ago.  Within a week of her first remedy we saw improvement in her breathing.  After two weeks we were using her rescue inhaler 75% less frequently than before and had taken her off of her steroid inhaler.  In the past month she has only needed her rescue inhaler 3 times compared to almost daily before homeopathy.  We’ve also seen a 50% improvement in her constipation in the past month.  The change in my daughter has been nothing short of miraculous.  We had tried over thirty vitamins, supplements, and medications with little progress before seeing Alan. “

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mmr vaccine damage

H was a typical child with normal development. At two-and-a-half years he started to regress slowly and lost all his speech. He withdrew into his own world and was mute for the next 2 years.

At the age of  4, he was diagnosed with Autism, as well as PANDAS associated with streptococcal infection. He has now finished his 1st dose of MMR detox remedy, The positive changes in him have been noticed by myself and everyone around us.

His speech has dramatically improved form the 2 words  ‘Mum & Dad’ to sentences. (!)

He enjoys singing to songs and is seeking out everyone around him to engage with them, unlike before when it was only solitary play.

He now has regular bowel movement. He has improved from movements only twice a week (since the MMR vaccine) to everyday, or every other day. He also has less aggression and there has not been an episode of Throat infection for the last 4 months. (prior to this prescription he had chronic tonsillitis & swollen almost occluded tonsils for 2 years!)

His social & motor skills skills have improved both at school and home. He is now very aware of his surrounding and emotions.

we are looking forward to see the positive changes the next remedy will bring.

Very Happy.


Prescription was: MMR Vaccine 30c, 200c, 1m & 10m over 8 weeks + Baryta-Carb 200c once-a-week

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K.B (UK) – Autism, Vaccine-damage, non-verbal

My son who is 4 years old was diagnosed with ASD at 2.5. He has now completed his first round of detox remedies (vaccine), myself and all around us have seen a very noticeable difference.
His speech, social skills, increased concentration and (reduced) hyperactivity are just a few of many improvements … (that) we have seen. He’s starting to count, imitate sounds and words, we also made cupcakes on two different occasions which he really enjoyed, and would never have had the patience to do so before. His fine motor skills are starting to awaken and he is enjoying messy play, which he would never participate in before detox. I’m excited to see what the next stages of remedies will awaken.
So thankful.
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