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G.S (UK) – Attention Deficit Disorder

We have been working with Alan for the past three months for my son who showed many symptoms of ADD we had worked with my sons diet for two years prior to starting homeopathy with Alan and he showed some improvement with that, but many struggles still remained – he had a tic and constantly picked at his skin, he could not sit at peace at home or school, transitioning was a huge problem for him also! School had become a huge battle and he was starting to want to stay home more and more.

After the first lot of remedies we noticed improvement in all aspects, the sense of calm these remedies have brought is astounding he can now pay attention the tic he had is gone and no more skin picking, he seems to get happier by the day. The anger he always showed is gone, speaking with his teacher she said he had made significant progress over the last twelve weeks!! I can’t thank Alan enough I feel my sons future is no longer a dark one but a bright and happy one.

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K.C (USA) – Asthma

“Ten months ago my daughter developed a chronic cough that lasted for months.  She was at the doctor weekly. She had x-rays, antibiotics, and allergy testing.  She was on numerous supplements, vitamins and allergy medications. Nothing helped and her breathing continued to decline until she was hospitalized. She was finally diagnosed with asthma and prescribed steroid and albuterol inhalers. These did not effectively manage her asthma and she again landed in the hospital.  This time was worse than the last- she had to be given oxygen for over 24 hours and oral steroids to stabilize her breathing.

I started researching homeopathy and found several recommendations for Alan on a facebook group.  Out of complete desperation I made an appointment with Alan 5 weeks ago.  Within a week of her first remedy we saw improvement in her breathing.  After two weeks we were using her rescue inhaler 75% less frequently than before and had taken her off of her steroid inhaler.  In the past month she has only needed her rescue inhaler 3 times compared to almost daily before homeopathy.  We’ve also seen a 50% improvement in her constipation in the past month.  The change in my daughter has been nothing short of miraculous.  We had tried over thirty vitamins, supplements, and medications with little progress before seeing Alan. “

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mmr vaccine damage

H was a typical child with normal development. At two-and-a-half years he started to regress slowly and lost all his speech. He withdrew into his own world and was mute for the next 2 years.

At the age of  4, he was diagnosed with Autism, as well as PANDAS associated with streptococcal infection. He has now finished his 1st dose of MMR detox remedy, The positive changes in him have been noticed by myself and everyone around us.

His speech has dramatically improved form the 2 words  ‘Mum & Dad’ to sentences. (!)

He enjoys singing to songs and is seeking out everyone around him to engage with them, unlike before when it was only solitary play.

He now has regular bowel movement. He has improved from movements only twice a week (since the MMR vaccine) to everyday, or every other day. He also has less aggression and there has not been an episode of Throat infection for the last 4 months. (prior to this prescription he had chronic tonsillitis & swollen almost occluded tonsils for 2 years!)

His social & motor skills skills have improved both at school and home. He is now very aware of his surrounding and emotions.

we are looking forward to see the positive changes the next remedy will bring.

Very Happy.


Prescription was: MMR Vaccine 30c, 200c, 1m & 10m over 8 weeks + Baryta-Carb 200c once-a-week

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K.B (UK) – Autism, Vaccine-damage, non-verbal

My son who is 4 years old was diagnosed with ASD at 2.5. He has now completed his first round of detox remedies (vaccine), myself and all around us have seen a very noticeable difference.
His speech, social skills, increased concentration and (reduced) hyperactivity are just a few of many improvements … (that) we have seen. He’s starting to count, imitate sounds and words, we also made cupcakes on two different occasions which he really enjoyed, and would never have had the patience to do so before. His fine motor skills are starting to awaken and he is enjoying messy play, which he would never participate in before detox. I’m excited to see what the next stages of remedies will awaken.
So thankful.
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S.W Autism (USA)

My seven-year-old daughter started the poly metal detox with Alan eight weeks ago… We saw massive reactions to it including sound sensitivity where she put her hands over her ears, yeast flares , defiance , vomiting, screaming , pinching , green watery stool, pee tox, irritability , but we’ve also seen some amazing gains from it.

She identified the color blue for the first time ever shortly after starting poly metals, she is following multi-step directions much better and understanding more, she tanned for the first time ever… Which is a big deal because we live in Florida and she is always in the sun…. She has never been able to get color before. She is also intentionally being defiant which is higher level thinking…

We are starting the poly metal detox over again (per Alan) because she is still reacting so she must still have more metals… Hopefully we will see more gains from it because she is certainly still having more aggravations now.

We hope to see even more gains in the coming weeks.

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M.M – Autism. (Eire)

Boy age 6.5 has ASD , severe apraxia, non-verbal. We have been on the road to recovery using bio medical interventions for a number of years with diet, testing and supplements among other things with great results. However it is now through working with Alan and his using CEASE therapy that our sons development has soared! We knew we were missing something and Alan is that something. My son has only completed his first detox and he is like a different child. He now has some key words and is willing to attempt any word when asked. His pretend play is kicking in, he is more mature, he is imitating, he is initiating social games, he is more loving, spontaneous & responsive. His ATEC score (originally at age 2 was 176) when we came to Alan was 54 and has dropped a staggering 20 points to 34 in only 8 weeks! Our little boy is like a butterfly opening up beautifully and it’s so amazing to watch. I cannot wait for the next detox and subsequent detoxes. Our Sons future is so exciting and we have no doubt that Alan and his amazing work will play a key role in taking him across the finish line.

Notes on the remedies used: Steroid detox + Tuberculinum-Koch 200c + Carbo Veg 6c

To see what Alan could do for your child, please book a 15-minute Introductory chat here


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S.B (UK) – Autism, PANDAS, seizures

Since S started homeopathy:

  • No more night waking
  • No more insomnia
  • Regular bowel movements
  • Less painful periods
  • Virtual disappearance of the severe headaches which have plagued her since 2012.


S has been treated with antibiotics, steroids and many many herbal remedies and has never obtained much relief.
Eight weeks into Alan’s programme and she is so much happier and we are excited to see what the next eight weeks may bring.

Alan has helped us enormously already.

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This is the contents of an email I received yesterday:

I’m doing the vaccine detox on C. 2nd week now.
He has color in his face
Waking up in the morning
With it . . . . not zoned out
Omg!!! Everyone that is seeing is shocked!
Thank you Alan ! I feel like I finally met my son . . .
Instead of testing him for autism they should have tested him for Vax injury

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PANDAS Case (Z.O – Turkey)

My son age 5 years old with Autism spectrum disorder was diagnosed at age 3 years old. At age 3 1/2 years old I noticed a change in his behaviour, it was horrifying to watch my son change from a happy, playful child to a child frightened to leave the house. He developed verbal tics and OCD behaviours. His daily rages affected the whole family, including his twin brother (also with ASD).
Discussing my sons symptoms to his Paediatrician, I was told this was very normal behaviour for someone with “autism” I could not except this, my son changed over night.
We were walking on eggshells around him at all times, we wouldn’t do anything that might remotely mess with his routine or schedule ( we hardly left the house at this point as I left my job to take care of both my boys) If he was set off and had a tantrum- there was no stopping it. He would scream, cry and rage until he ran out of steam and eventually fall asleep. It would take hours, nothing could pull him out of it-believe me, we tried.
I started to research my sons symptoms and suspected he may have PANDAS. I searched for a doctor treating such condition and was unsuccessful in my country. After recently reading about a mothers similar experience, I came across Alan Freestone’s website. I recently learnt that Alan had worked with children with PANDAS and decided to contact him.
After discussing my sons timeline, Alan prescribed his first set of remedies. On day 1 of giving my son his first remedy, I noticed he was slightly calmer. Within a week It became definite that Alan remedies were working, over a course of a couple of weeks my sons tantrums and OCD left him.
 I can not describe the relentless stress and disruption inflicted on the normal every-day aspects of the family plagued with PANDAS is something that is quite beyond the non-afflicted family members ability to imagine.
My son is age 5 1/2 years old now. He is back to his happy cheerful self, humming to his favourite songs, it’s my only deepest regret I did not contact Alan any sooner. I am looking forward to the Vaccination detox remedies as we will continue to heal both my boys with homeopathy. Thank you Alan.
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An Autistic boy stops running – P.V (US)

As a mother to a boy who has been a runner almost his entire life, and who had absolutely no concept of safety, I can tell you, the constant worry and stress can be completely overwhelming.
Over the last 6 months, we have been doing homeopathy with Alan Freestone, and among the many gains he has experienced, the most valuable to me, is that the RUNNING has STOPPED. He is comprehending and listening, and turns and acknowledges me when I ask him to “wait”. He is healing. It is happening.

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