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B.S Part 3 UK – Treating non-verbal autism with homeopathy

We have just completed our third block of treatment from Alan and I am thrilled to say I have yet more exciting developments and success to report. My LO was non verbal…..and now we have words! In the past two months my son has gone from not saying anything, to copying words we say to him, labelling and saying things he sees, and attempting to use phrases he hears often and initiates this himself. I can’t begin to express how wonderful it is to hear his little voice and to understand what he is thinking/saying. My LO has also begun to ‘pretend play’ and loves cuddling and kissing his baby sister and friends. The changes that have taken place since meeting Alan have been immense and I will never be able to thank him enough for what he has done for our family!


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N.D (Sweden) Autism part 2

“I would also like to mention what a positive impact this last clear has had on N (which is much clearer now that we don’t have detox reactions). She has made very significant improvements in communication and social skills plus she is happier, has more energy and is generally much easier to deal with in terms of her moods and cooperation. Her aid at school (who does not know about our cease therapy) is also amazed and baffled about the progress she has made in the past few weeks. I am so grateful to you for all you have done for her in such a short time. “

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L.B: Migraines, Chronic-Fatigue, Hormonal Imbalance (Netherlands)

The result after 1 month of treatment.

Prescription: Natrum Muriaticum LM1 & a Tissue Salt combination.

“A month has passed since the last time we spoke and you told me to follow the below treatment.

The tissue salts combination I chose  from Helios was comb. 5 (calc ph/ferrous/Kali ph/mag ph/nat ph).

First day (18th Aug) I took Nat. Mur. 10 drops, I saw at night a really vivid dream that was positive and without stress or fear. I dream seldom and it is always stressful. From then everything else changed gradually. I can wake up in the morning and not feel more tired than the night before, I feel normal, and can start the day without enabling tiredness. Also I have in general more energy and am willing to do things. No mayor headaches/ migraines. The only thing that happened is that my menstruation needed about two weeks to start with drops of blood each day, then it started on the 20 th and the high flow did not stop until the 3rd of Sept. Yesterday, it started again but this time without any fuss and is normal. So my hormones are now starting to work correctly I feel. The same day I started with the Nat. Mur. I also started a diet that works with me ( variation of paleo diet) and since then, following it ( not always strictly), I have got my stomach smaller, so I am not that hungry all the time. After a gastrederitis (7-12 sept) I lost three kilos and since then one more. Before that I could not loose a grammar.

Lastly, even thought negative things are happening in my work, that does affect me a lot, I feel more happy than before and my relationship with my boyfriend is much better. “

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B.S Part 2 (Autism) UK

My 3 year old son has just finished his second block of homeopathy from Alan and I couldn’t be happier with the results. We have seen so many positive changes, which include words, letters sounds and numbers!! My little one has also begun to, what I can only describe as, ‘beam’ with happiness. He is loving, happy, sweet and kind. He is beginning to play with other children and gets great happiness from this. All the above is a world away from where we were before meeting Alan! I’m looking forward to what our next block brings us! Thank you so very much Alan for your wonderful expertise!!

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N.K (London, UK) ASD

hi, my son was diagnosed in 2012 with autism , i didn’t know what to
do , i was searching on internet everyday , then i found out about
homeopathy, i read the testimonies and i decided to contact
Alan Freestone straight away and got an appointment , in February .
Only after the first remedy , my son start to say a couple of
words , his eyes contact improved ; at the nursery , he starts to
get involved in activities , playing with his friends.
Y made an impressive progress , since using the remedies ,
he can now tell me when he wants to go the toilet , ask for
food , understands instructions and mostly he lost all
those autism behaviours such as clapping his hands ,
be attracted or attached by a specific toy or object .
he has no more constipation.
Y will be 5 year old in October, and due to
start reception next September.
the words cannot express my joy for Y’s progress , and
also don’t know how to express my gratitude to Alan for
his amazing contribution to Y’s life ., i am very very pleased.
thank you so much ALAN for Y from the bottom of my
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B.S (UK- Autism)

My almost 3 year old son has just finished his first 8 week block of remedies and the difference in him is quite astounding!

He went from a child who was very much in his own world to a boy who now seeks out attention and affection. He loves to share his fun and excitement with others. He is mixing with other children. Hugging others and playing appropriately with his toys.

There has been countless improvements and developments in him over these last 8 weeks.  Before our very eyes we are seeing a little boy blossom. Even his nursery teacher said “his eyes are no longer empty, they are alive”. 
We can’t thank Alan enough and are looking forward to the next stage of our journey.
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N. D – Autism

When I think about how far our 6 year old daughter N has come since we started her treatment with Alan only three months ago I am filled with hope and gratitude. N has autism and has also had big issues with anxiety and phobias. Before the start of the treatment it was this anxiety that really caused a lot of difficulty in our daily lives. Now the anxiety has reduced so much that it is no longer a big issue at all. N is also making big strides when it comes to her social development and she has been able to participate in group activities fully in a way that she has never done before and she is so much more connected then she was before. Before we found Alan we were hoping for improvements whereas now we are hoping for recovery. Thank you so much for what you have done for our daughter and our family.

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N.D (ASD & Anxiety) – Sweden

We approached Alan for help with our six year old daughter N who have been diagnosed with autism. We suspected that N had been damaged by the MMR and possibly other vaccines and had read accounts of how homeopathy can help with vaccine damage.
N’s autism is not as severe in that she has a good language. She does however suffer from severe anxiety, phobias, agression and some compulsive behaviours as well as big problems with social interactions and other issues associated with autism.
After only two days treatment I was blown away bacause we were able to get out the door in about 10 minutes, an ordeal which would normally take around an hour (from the first attempt to get shoes and jacket on), and N was happy at the end of it!! During the following few weekt we have seen some ups and downs but the general trend have been up. The biggest change have been in the reduction in anxiety, but N is already also making improvements in cognitive and social development. Some examples of these are, she has made more complex and elaborative drawings than she has ever done before, she has gotten better at puzzels, she has played better and on a more mature level with her siblings, she have attempted to make contact wiht other children more than usuall and she is overall much less anxious around other children and in social situation.
We are so gratefull that we found Alan and are amazed with the changes that we have seen in only a few weeks. And we are, most of all, so exited about the future (something I suspect many parents of autistic children are longing to be).


– mother of N.D

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Our 4-year old boy H was diagnosed with ASD in Oct. 2013. He was non-verbal with vision problem and moderate learning difficulty. In Nov. 2013, we were lucky to find that Anna and Alan offer free homeopathy treatment for ASD kids. Both of them are extremely knowledgeable and professional and they have offered incredible support not only to my son but to us as well. We started with a detox of Rabies vaccination and H showed his detox reactions such as fevers, rashes and behavior spikes. After 4 months of treatment, he now wants to communicate and vocalized a lot. We still have a long way to go but CEASE therapy has given us great help and we are quite optimistic about his future.

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V.E (ASD & PANDAS) -France

it is since we have implicated the homeopathic remedy proscribed by Alan that a drastic fading of autistic traits has occurred

In our household, the name of Alan Freestone is associated with the happy and positive changes that have come about for our 4 year-old son and for our family. Although our son has improved so much since the diagnosis of autism two and a half years ago, it is since we have implicated the homeopathic remedy proscribed by Alan that a drastic fading of autistic traits has occurred. Our son also has PANDAS, and there are no longer any flares since we started down this path. For the first time, we actually can see that recovery is a possibility for him, recovery from both autism and PANDAS. Thankyou Alan, words can’t express our gratitude

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