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L.C (HPV Vaccine damage)

…After the treatment

L began to have a healthy glow.
The nauseousness stopped.
She could keep up a conversation without struggling to
recall what had been said.
Her balance improved, no longer need walking aid.
She began attending school 2 hours a day but at a regular
basis for the first time in 3 years….


Before the Jab

L adored participating in sport.
She was never ill, not even getting a cold or the flu.
It was a daily struggle to get her to stop playing outside
when it was past her curfew.
She rode her bike daily outside with her friends.
L would sometimes walk with her sister to and from
school (approx 2 miles).
She led a very active life, she lived to play.
She was bubbly and friendly to anyone she met.
She would complete homework as soon as it was given,
sometimes before she would even get home.
Teachers loved her because she payed attention in class
but wasn’t disruptive.
As she got older she began to grow out of nap time,
stating it was ‘a waste of playtime’.
L loved going on family and school trips.
She had a very healthy appetite, eating small portions but
very often a day.
She never had any severe allergies.

After the jab
L first appeared to have a cold as she felt tired, hot and
cold, coughed and had a sore throat.
But as it progressed the symptoms got much worse and
her health deteriorated very quickly over the space of 3
She began feeling flu like symptoms, pain everywhere,
extreme fatigue, extreme weight loss, loss of appetite.
Although many analyses and tests were run, all results
came back normal.
And then the cognitive symptoms began.
She began to lose focus, get lost in conversation, extreme
mood shifts (angry to paranoid­ paranoid to spiteful)
experience severe memory loss and experience an
incapacity to transfer short term memory into long term
It was very much like L’s personality had been erased,
along with her health.
L’s symptoms began to worsen in a way we could not
have further predicted.
She began to have great difficulty walking even short
distances (she described it as her legs giving out and
‘walking on mushrooms).
She began having trouble passing her bowls.
Would feel nauseous and feel like she was choking on

Hair began falling outs, nails became thin and took months
to grow.
Her pain intensified (like someone was breaking all her
bones at the same time), and she would cry in pain while
There would be times when she would lay down in silence
because she was too tired and too in pain to do anything

Her appetite disappeared, adding to the struggle to help
her put on weight.
She began to have extreme obssessions, perhaps as a
coping mechanism (eg. Would only wear brown clothes,
an obsession that lasted a year and a few months).
Became completely numb to emotions, her own and

L regressed in terms of emotional, intellectual and
social development massively.
She could no longer differentiate emotions she saw in
others (eg. Felt everyone was against her/angry at her).
She could no longer react appropriately in social
situations (eg. Reacted angrily to everything).
School work became a struggle as she could no longer
understand concepts as previously (eg.maths).
L had to be re­educated/re­socialised in terms of
everything (eg. something as small as saying please and
thank you).
L’s nosebleeds increased.
She began to lose common sense (eg. Would want to wear
boots to the beach in the summer, and shorts during
L became physically and emotionally aggressive to
those around her.
She lied about her symptoms to doctors, manipulating
them and faking her health when she could (eg. Pretending
to feel knee jerk reflex).

After the treatment

L began to have a healthy glow.
The nauseousness stopped.
She could keep up a conversation without struggling to
recall what had been said.
Her balance improved, no longer need walking aid.
She began attending school 2 hours a day but at a regular
basis for the first time in 3 years.
L was able to communicate and express her feelings
and as well as others’.
Her hair stopped falling out and her nails began growing.
Her pain became more manageable.
Memory improved, could remember things with better
ease, although it’s not completely recuperated.
Began reacting appropriately to environment (eg. If it’s
raining outside then an umbrella is needed).
Appetite came back (with a vengeance) along with
L can regulate her moods more appropriately, though
it’s still very difficult for her to prioritise and take into
account other people when it’s not pointed it out to her.
Her humour has come back (also with a vengeance).
Although she still has ‘good and ‘bad’ days, what used to
be her bad days are now her good days and during good
days she feels almost normal.
Obsessive behaviour still persists (after neon nail varnish,
blue clothing, everything hair related and brown clothing,
it is now makeup).

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A.K (testicular Torsion)

After learning about other parents` positive experiences with Alan in regards to their children with autism and Pandas, I thought we should try him out.  After our first skype appointment my son and I both really liked Alan. He was very detailed, kind and easy going. We immediately felt comfortable with him.

Not long after our first appointment, I had to contact him due to an emergency my son was dealing with. We found out that my son had testicular torsion. An ultrasound confirmed that there was no blood circulating to one of his testicles. The doctor told us that since my son`s symptoms started a week earlier there was no possible way of saving it. He was scheduled for the next day to have it removed. After contacting Alan in a complete panic, he gave suggestions of remedies for me to try on my traumatized son.

The next morning before the surgery the doctor insisted that there is no way after 8 days of torsion that there will be any way to save the testicle. In fact, there is no chance after 24 hours. After the surgery, the doctor explained that the spermatic cord was twisted twice around. However, he was in disbelief that the testicle was still very much alive!! He had never seen that before (This doctor is pretty old so I imagine he has seen it all) Thanks to Alan and homeopathy my son was able to keep both of his “boys”!

I am so grateful for Alan. He is wonderful and I highly recommend him.

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J.B.G (ASD) – part 2

Our son 7yrs continues to make incredible progress under Alan’s care. Alan’s skill at taking the patient’s history has enabled him to prescribe appropriate remedies right from the start. Remedies to clear a specific vaccine and for development continue to sit well beside ongoing biomedical and dietary intervention. Last week was the first day ever with no verbal stimming, what a relief. Yesterday he reminded me of an appointment I had forgotten, his memory is starting to work; and later in the day he did his homework with excellent focus that I had not seen before. Alan we are so grateful for the part you are playing in his recovery.

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We are 3 weeks into our journey with Alan and homeopathy.   Our 6 year old son John, is non-verbal, autistic. Alan took more time and interest in John’s symptoms, medical history and my observations during our initial consultation, than any of the doctors in the traditional medical community have since his diagnosis at 2.5 years old. We have tried diet, biomedical, speech, OT…. each have helped a little but nothing like what we’ve seen so far.

John started to detox right away with Alan’s remedies.  In the past 3 weeks John has said more words spontaneously than he has in probably the last year!  He also greeted his father with a hug and a kiss, unsolicited!  And for the first time, John joined his younger sister and cousins in play!  We are so excited to see where this path will take us.  Thank you Alan, for helping us recover our son!

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…Our ten yr old son started having rages and crying bouts that would last for hours for no apparent reason and nothing would stop them. We went to his pediatrician, allergists, neurologist, psychologists and all they would say was, “Well it’s all because oh his ADHD” I asked numerous doctors could this be autism or PANDAS and all said definitely not. In the meantime our whole life was disrupted and I was ready to have him committed just to have some peace when I came across the PANDAS trial that Alan was doing. I skyped with him for over an hour (which was way more time than I got from any doctor that I had seen so far). He told me that he thought that J suffered from autism and PANDAS, finally something to go on. He recommended 3 homeopathic remedies and we noticed changes immediately. No more rages, no more OCD and he is back to happy loving little boy who doesn’t say he hates everybody and wants to hurt himself. He’s still quirky but I think using homeopathic remedies recommended by Alan will only make him even better. Thank you for giving me back my son and my sanity.

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We found the PANDAS trial very beneficial to our child. He finally has a reprieve from the uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing involuntary spasms in his face and shoulders. We have watched our child suffer for years without any help or answers from mainstream medicine. Thanks to the remedies Alan has prescribed, our son is tic free.

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We are one month into our homeopathic journey with Alan Freestone and our 7 year old son is making good progress in all areas. Our son has many issues including global developmental delay, digestive issues, dyspraxia, poor gross and fine motor skills, sensory issues, cognitive issues, speech problems and low muscle tone to name a few. We are particularly thrilled to see gains so far in the cognitive area. We have found Alan to be knowledgeable, approachable, passionate about healing and particularly good at gaining a detailed history before treatment starts. We began with a 15 minute skype consult to get to know each other and help decide if he could help us and that we felt comfortable with him. The next appointment was taking a detailed case history and then Alan designed a treatment plan. As we are new to homeopathy it has been comforting to know that Alan is available to give ongoing advice as treatment continues. We have an appointment with Alan every 5 weeks to ensure continuity of treatment and continuing progress and we are finding that homeopathy sits well with the biomedical and dietary intervention which we are already using. Thank you Alan. Jo BG

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M.F (Austim case)

A word on homeopathy in reversing effects of mmr vaccine; my 7 year old non verbal daughter has been on this treatment for 5 weeks. As her therapist have said ” she has become a dream” no more hand bitting , aggressive behaviour, tantrums or meltdowns…NONE ! And this is a child that had scabs on her hands that looked like open wounds! …and most importantly we now have words !
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