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Autism Gut Connection - Bowel Nosodes Can Help

Autism Gut connection


The Autism Gut Connection is in keeping with my theme (some would say obsession!) of how useful the homeopathic Bowel Nosodes can be in the treatment of ASD (Austism Spectrum Disorders), I came across this article  that was just published a couple of days ago.

Increasing numbers of ASD children are being diagnosed with serious neurological issues (Obsessive Compulsive, extreme anxiety levels, aggression, self-mutilation) and prescribed heavy-duty psychotropic medicines. These meds have not been tested on children (it seems it’s NOT ethical to test them on kids, but is IS ethical to prescribe them!), so there is no way to know the long term consequences of using them. Will they affect brain-development, will they damage their livers or permanently alter hormone balance? No-one knows.
I’m not going to quote numbers, but they are HUGE…we are drugging a large percentage of a generation and don’t know what the outcome will be. Thankfully, some more enlightened doctors are beginning to notice the link between the gut and these mental symptoms. They are proposing that it is abnormalities in the gut that are causing these issues, repair the gut and the neurological symptoms evaporate.

This is exactly the symptoms that the Bowel Nosodes can address. They are able to re-balance the gut flora and through this mechanism, cure the neurological problems. The remedies Proteus and DysentryCo in particular are great for this. I often prescribe them when there is symptoms like OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), aggression, anger, extreme anxiety coupled with signs of a compromised gut.

Here’s a quote from the article,

A study published last year in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology linked the GI issues with behavior, showing that autistic children who have GI issues often experience extreme anxiety as well as regressions in behavior and communication skills. What’s worse, the side effects of the psychotropic drugs that are prescribed to many autistic children may be intensifying the digestive issues. Once the GI issues are treated, aggressive and problematic behaviors sometimes subside.

It went on to talk about various pieces of research underway to try and develop effective treatments…*cough* *cough* ‘over-here!’ Homeopathy has already developed and clinically tested gentle, effective treatments for these complaints.