The Cost of The Swine Flu Con

How much has the NHS spent of our money ‘protecting’ us from a non-existent threat?

The answer is around £1 BILLION! This would pay for homeopathy on the NHS for the next 250 YEARS!

We were assured by ‘experts’ that there was a very serious risk (fatality figures for the UK of 65,000 were being bandied about)… no evidence was produced for this & it has become clear that this was because THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE!

What incredible numbers…what an incredible waste…and what conflicts of interests  (from the experts advising WHO to our own vaccine basil fawlty Prof David Salisbury). It is becoming clearer to me that we cannot trust those in Western governments or UN institutions to have our best interests at heart. The safer position is to assume that they have all been co-opted by Big Biz lobbyists until there is evidence to the contrary.

Our frantic band of denialists must be stoking up a really big protest about this considering their shrill cries over the NHS ‘wasting’ money on homeopathy…or perhaps they are congratulating their sponsors Big Pharma on another fake epidemic & consequent bonanza?



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  1. wakeupplease February 2, 2010 at 5:29 pm #

    The denialist silence on this is deafening.

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