The dangers of Con-med part 1

I would like to devote a part of my blog to cataloging the dangers of con-med (conventional medication).

The first one was highlighted to me by The One Click Group, I thoroughly recommend that you subscribe:

“Taking commonly used antidepressants during pregnancy can increase the risk of your baby having a heart defect fourfold.” Two things worry me about this situation –

1). Millions of people are on antidepressants

2). What other undetected harms are the drugs inflicting on those people, let’s face it,  ADDICTED to them?

The homeopathic idea that a person’s symptoms are their body’s attempt to return to balance/health is useful in understanding the wrongheadedness of con-med.

If someone is ‘depressed’, well the catch-all term is pretty meaningless for a start, but surely the first thing to establish is a cause! If they are depressed due to an emotional trauma….treat the emotional trauma. If they are depressed because they live in a horrible neighbourhood & eat junk food, then that needs dealt with. Of course ‘there’s no money available’ in the NHS for effective treatment programs to address causes, so the patient gets their happy pills, the G.P gets his £80, the pharmaceutical company get their £???? & everybody is happy….for a little while. This isn’t medicine, this isn’t healing, and everyone involved in the process must know this.

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2 Responses to The dangers of Con-med part 1

  1. Tnelson October 1, 2009 at 3:15 am #

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  2. rside December 25, 2009 at 9:34 pm #

    Its the usual one sided perspective of the human body and healing. Interesting that psycopaths are said to have too much seritonin in-utero, (they become insensitive to it). Can these drugs too the same?
    Of course, taking the totality of the human illness and health into context is not something that pharmaceutical companies, medics and skeptics like to do.

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