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Tinitis can be a horrible debilitating condition that interferes with everyday life, and can make sleep elusive. It’s a huge problem with 20% of people over 55 report suffering from it….& conventional medicine doesn’t have alot that even offers effective relief, never mind a cure.

What is it?
Basically, ringing in the ears. This is usually high-pitched, but can sometimes be low frequency. There can also be increased sensitivity to noise, even a TV at normal volume may be unbearably loud to a sufferer.

What causes it?
Many things: ear infections, a build-up of wax, extremely loud noises – especially if prolonged, some prescription drugs, but most often it’s from an unknown cause .

What is the conventional treatment?
Well if it is caused by a build-up of wax, then they will attempt to physically reduce this.
There are various therapies to try including CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) & counselling that may help you cope with living with tinnitus, but these obviously don’t fix the problem.
There is currently no effective medication for it, though a quick review of the papers shows that various researchers have been ‘close to a breakthrough’ for many years!
Is it effective?

What can homeopathy do?
Well, I’m going to offer a couple of suggested remedies to try. It’s easy to try them out, they just cost a few pounds to buy. Often you’ll get great relief or complete cure from one of these alone.

However if they don’t have the desired affect, or more likely they improve your symptoms but don’t totally cure them, then I’d suggest a trip to your friendly neighbourhood homeopath for a full consultation as your constitutional remedy will probably sort you out.

The remedies:
The most common tinitis remedy is “Chin-S“. This is particularly indicated if the tinitis is accompanied with loss-of-hearing.

If the condition has been caused by scarring (for example after repeated infections or physical trauma), then I’d go for ‘Thiosin‘.

Buy 12C potency of whatever remedy above you deem suitable, & take 1 pill twice a day for a month or more. Then report back to me on the blog & let me know the results 🙂