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This is quite straightforward really.
All you need is a combination of:

Nat Mur 3X
Ferrum Phos 3X
Kali Mur 3X

(available from any of the homeopathic pharmacies…& they ship worldwide)

Simply dissolve the pill in a glass of water & sip throughout the day. Add a new pill each time you refill your glass & take as many pills as required, there are no ill-effects.

I would also take large doses of Vitamin C (2 – 4 grams a day)….reduce the dosage if you start going to the loo frequently. Additionally…listen to your body: slow down, wrap-up warm, sleep more…do whatever it is that your body is asking you for.

So, next time you catch a cold, try my method & write & tell me the results 🙂