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Gardasil vaccine

As some of you may be aware, I have been treating cases of HPV vaccine (Gardasil & Cervarix) damage over the past year.

I am very pleased to see that fantastic charities such as Sanevax have done some incredible work to bring the matter of HPV vaccine damage into the public consciousness, I see my role as helping to resolve the symptoms of this damage in people who ask for my help.

So… how have my HPV cases done? Well, the results in the past have been mixed to be honest. I have had some great results, and others that either didn’t improve at all, or that improved less than I had expected or hoped. This sent me back to the drawing-board, I was obviously missing something!

The advantage of treating ailments from such an obvious cause is that I know exactly what the toxin is that’s caused the problem! Superficially this should mean that we simply need to remove this toxin, the symptoms will resolve themselves, and the patient can return to living a full life rather than suffering from myriad symptoms such as being permanently bed-ridden with total fatigue, muscle and joint pains, drastic changes to their hormonal cycles, chronic headaches, depression and mood changes, epileptic fits and more.

However, my observations after treatment were:

  • Some patients resolved their HPV vaccine damage symptoms and returned to their normal lives
  • Some experienced some improvement, but their health was still impaired
  • A few experienced no improvement in their symptoms, or even a temporary aggravation in their symptoms.

What was going on? Why did some improve and others did not?

I believe that the answer is connected with why some people are clearly damaged by the HPV vaccine and other’s are not, it’s a homeopath’s favourite word: Susceptibility.

There is a reason that someone becomes ill after their HPV shot, someone cannot be perfectly healthy beforehand and yet become bedridden after one, two or three vaccine shots. Typically there has been a cumulative build-up of toxins, with the HPV vaccine the final assault that tips the person into chronic ill-health. THAT’S why simply detoxing the HPV vaccine doesn’t always work, it is just one factor in an already compromised system. (this seems so obvious to say here, but it took a few months of study and contemplation for it to finally dawn on me!)

My job just got more complex. So now we need to investigate the other factors that could be contributing to a person’s ill-health. Often they will have a genetic predisposition to having impaired methylation, put simply their bodies aren’t as good at detoxing heavy metals as the rest of the population.

Other factors include:

  • Long-term contraceptive and corticosteroid use that can totally disrupt normal hormone function and consequently immune-response
  • Use of other pharmaceutical drugs
  • Anaesthetics
  • Factors like pesticides, metals or plastics from the environment.

For example It might only be when we detox the corticosteroids that an asthmatic person had been taking for many years that we will see a massive improvement in the HPV vaccine damage symptoms. The HPV vaccine was just one assault too many on an already compromised immune system that tipped them into chronic ill-health.

In conclusion, homeopathy offers an effective and gentle treatment path for everyone damaged by the HPV vaccine until it finally gets banned and removed from use. Sometimes there might be a few ‘false starts’ in treatment, but we will get there in the end!

Please share this post with anyone who you feel may benefit from it. I am very happy to talk about my methods with potential clients, charities and other organisations in the field, as well as fellow homeopaths and other healthcare providers.

Thank you
Alan Freestone (sunning himself in the Irish April sunshine)