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Homeopathy survey

Thank you all the people that responded to my ‘Trying Homeopathy For The First Time’ questionnaire! The exercise was really useful for me, I will be tweaking my FAQs to try and address some of the concerns and questions that you all brought up. Please feel free to ask for any other additions too!

‘Homeopathy would be fantastic, but it would be too expensive for my family’

I actually think that homeopathy is one of the most cost effective forms of medicine. You can split the cost into three parts:

The Appointment, basically the labour cost of the homeopath.

Typical cost: £50 ($85) up to £350 ($600).

I charge £128 ($200) for a first appointment, £95 ($150) for follow-ups.

However I’d never turn someone away if they asked for my help but couldn’t pay the fees. I allocate space every week for low-cost appointments, and I can refer people to colleagues who undertake low-cost work or to newly graduated homeopaths who will prescribe under my supervision.

Also I often treat more than one family member in a consultation, so cost falls still further.

The remedies.

Typical cost: £4.50 ($7.50) up to £30 for a ‘run’ of remedies if we are detoxing a particular substance. On average I’d say (£10 – £20) $15 – $40 a month for 3-4 months.

So, I’d argue that the ‘per appointment cost’ is lower than, or comparable to, other forms of medical intervention. The cost of the medicine is also typically WAY lower than allopathic (pharmaceutical) medicine. I have had patients that had previously been paying many hundreds of dollars a month for medicines which AT BEST were partially holding symptoms in check, but not dealing with underlying causes.

This brings me to the third part of the equation: homeopathic treatment is short.

Right back in 1805 Samuel Hahnemann stated that,

The highest ideal of cure is the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health.

Rapid, gentle, permanent.

So, you shouldn’t be seeing your homeopath every week for years. The goal is that he will rapidly, gently and permanently remove the symptoms you came with. Typically I would ask to see someone for for 4 months (4 appointments), and then we will review how the treatment is progressing.

This is of course the opposite to the typical pharmaceutical model of : manage their symptoms, get ’em hooked, and keep them coming back for years.

Have You Tried Homeopathy Before?

100% of the respondents to the survey had used homeopathy before. I was surprised by this!

However I suspect that many come to me after having reached a plateau in the treatment offered by their local homeopath. Not to denigrate the homeopaths, but sometimes they don’t have the tools to effectively deal with the layers of toxins caused by today’s environmental pollution & the current over-reliance on chemical medicine.

Was the homeopathic treatment effective?

The $10,000 question! 80% of respondents reported that the treatment was effective. That is a fantastic result!

What would effective treatment be worth to you?

The $100,000 question! This ranged from the price of an average pair of shoes (!) to thousands of dollars.

Would you like a free chat over Skype?

O.k confession time, the reason why I didn’t contact all those who asked for a free chat on Skype was because…I forgot to ask for your email addresses on the questionnaire! Apologies & please everyone that wants to chat to me, just drop me a line letting me know your timezone and what time of the day or week would be most convenient and I will attempt to oblige.
Thank you again for your time, the questionnaire answers were very useful for me and hopefully my responses are useful for you too.