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I just thought I’d use two recent cases of cystitis that I treated to highlight how important it is to find the correct remedy for the patient’s symptoms.

Cystitis is an infection in the bladder, usually caused by bacteria. Women are more susceptible than men.

My first case was an urgent phonecall from a friend when I was off on a camping trip & my phone battery was dying! She had the typical cystitis symptoms: frequent need to pee, burning & pain on peeing. She was in alot of pain. I was unable to take many details off her & recommended Cantharis just before my phone went dead.

Cantharis is probably the most indicated remedy for cystitis, especially where there is intense burning pain on passing urine.

I got in touch with my friend 3 days later when I returned & unfortunately the Cantharis had not helped at all. She had had to go to the docs later that day & got antibiotics which fixed her problem.

My second case exhibited similar symptoms. Again, she had tried Cantharis (self-prescribed)…nurses really are the worst patients! Again the cantharis hadn’t worked & she’d gone & got antibiotics. Unfortunately the antibiotics had made her very sick…. she had been up vomiting for 2 nights when I saw her. She was feeling very sick, couldn’t keep food down, couldn’t sleep because of stomach pain…& she still had the cystitis symptoms.

So I asked her for a few symptoms…she ventured a pain in the bladder region & feeling relieved by a hot water bottle. This indicated Nux Vom…which also tied-in with her tummy symptoms & adverse reaction to the antibiotic (not very coincidentally!). She took Nux Vom 30C every 30 mins until she went to bed…& slept right through. She continued it the next day & all the symptoms disappeared, leaving a dull pain in the kidney area which has now gone.

I think these two cases illustrate the need to correctly match the symptoms to the remedy…unlike allopathy, it’s not enough to say ‘cystitis=cantharis’! The second case also illustrates just how effective the correctly chosen remedy can be.