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I had a patient last week that came to me suffering from a painful acid stomach problem that she’s had for the past 25 years. It started when she had food poisoning after eating oysters & she has been suffering ever since. She also has permanent problems with her bowel movements: She has either constipation of diarrhea, never a normal movement. The only way she can control this is to permanently be on pro-biotics. If she stops these even for a day the bowel problems return. 

Recently the stomach acid problem has been growing worse, she attempts to control it with antacids, but these have proven less & less useful. Now the burning sensation has been rising up her throat & so she returned once again to her G.P for help (she has tried his medicine many times over the last few decades, without effect). So….he referred her to an ENT (ears, nose, throat) consultant!

Brilliant logic: sore throat = ENT (!!!)

Unsurprisingly after a series of tests the consultant confirmed that she had some inflammation in her throat, but could offer no treatment. (what a terrible waste of taxpayers money!).

She was also referred to a dietician. The lady had asked to see a nutritionist, but had been told by her G.P that they were ‘quacks’. The dietician recommended lots of food that this lady is either allergic too, or intolerant of… one of the recommendations was to eat pork pies (despite the fact the lady is vegetarian & anything fatty badly affects her stomach condition. Pork pies?!! (it sounds like nutritional advice from the 1940s). She left the consultation with the dietician in tears, & has vowed to not go back to her G.P as the NHS has not helped her in any way. So now homeopathy is called upon (tried-everything-else-now-try-homeopathy), I really hope I can help her.

I haven’t given all the symptoms of this case, but any homeopaths reading this will probably be shouting at their computer screen, “give her Lycopodium!” Don’t worry, I did!

This post isn’t an example of brilliant casetaking (I won’t’ know how the lady has gotten on for a few weeks yet), it’s more an example of the poor healthcare often offered on the NHS. Alternative health practitioners are routinely attacked or dismissed as ‘quacks’, or frauds or whatever, when in fact it’s we who so often pick up the pieces of an antiquated, out-of-date, ineffective & often downright dangerous coventional medicine.

From a business perspective, our competitors are offering a terrible product at a very high price (which is often hidden from the consumer)… if the lady had been given £500 for treatments (the approximate cost to the taxpayer of one visit to a consultant doctor), I’ll wager she could have achieved a much better outcome than being informed that yes, her throat is indeed inflamed. (in fact I’ve underestimated the costs…I left out her visits to the G.P (approx. £80 for an 8 minute consultation), & the diagnostic tests the ENT consultant carried out (a few £1000 I’d guess). In contrast the outcome I’d expect is for her symptoms to have reduced by between 80 & 100% by her 4th appointment with me. Total cost: < £200.