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A third of the experts advising the World Health Organisation about the swine flu pandemic had ties to drugs firms, it has emerged. Five of the 15 specialists who sat on the emergency committee had received funding from pharmaceutical giants, or were linked to them through their research.

The revelation will prompt speculation that the ‘pandemic’ was wildly overestimated and largely fuelled by the drugs industry who stood to benefit from the panic. Last month it emerged that the Government had squandered more than £1.2 billion tackling swine flu – most of it going towards vaccines following experts’ dire predictions that as many as 65,000 Britons would die.

Labour MP Paul Flynn (Newport West) said: ‘A year ago, these experts told us the world was facing a grave health emergency. On this occasion, regrettably, they got it wrong: their advice led WHO, the EU and national governments to vastly overrate the seriousness of the H1N1 epidemic, wasting large sums of public money and scaring the world unnecessarily’.