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I have posted my cases the last two Monday’s and today I will continue this tradition. It’s coming up to Christmas, things are slowing down & we all seem to be making plans for the coming year. First I’ll share my cases (there are only 7 today), then discuss my plans for 2017. Hopefully this will give those of you interested an insight into a homeopath’s typical working day.

Case 1: Male, 8 years old, Autism, USA. Non-verbal, hyperactive, aggressive, no imaginative play, VERY thirsty, bowel issues. Seemed to slowly regress between 18 mths & 3 years. I suspected vaccine damage. 1st Prescription: Vaccine detox + Medorrhinum + adrenal support. Result: Nothing (!)…no reaction at all. So then I prescribed Sulphur 200c 3-times-a-week (often given if someone doesn’t respond to homeopathic remedies) + Kidney 6c twice a day (a remedy made from a healthy kidney). Result: Nothing (!!)….what’s going on? So this time I’ve prescribed Natrum Mur 200c for 4 weeks to see if I can stimulate a reaction. This is very frustrating to me, I feel like I’m missing some piece of the jigsaw.

Case 2: PANDAS/PANS 8 year old boy. USA. – a lovely result. Very high fevers (107 degrees!) 6 years ago (possibly vaccine induced), and since that time – very aggressive behaviour, rages, dilated pupils, anger, hates water (running taps, showers), spitting, afterwards has no recollection of the events, hyper sensitive to noise, to touch. Any homeopaths reading this will have gone, “ahhh Lyssin”. Prescription: Lyssin (made from the saliva of a rabid dog!) 200c. Results: Parents reported that the remedy worked instantly… “it’s made a huge difference”. There are still angry outbursts, but the volume has been turned WAY down, all the other symptoms have resolved. The parents also noticed he was better on the days after the Lyssin was given. New Px: Lyssin 1m (same as last time, just stronger)

Case 3: New patient. from Ivory Coast, living in London. Male, 4 years, diagnosed with autism. Normal development. ‘He used to be verbal’, he was even talking to the nurse who gave him his 2 year vaccines… then he regressed. Symptoms now are: Non-verbal, hyperactive, shouts & screams & runs all over the place, obsessed with the washing machine, not social at all with other kids. The mother came to me as she saw how much improvement another patient of mine has had – previously he had been very hyperactive, running around. Now he can sit down, give a high 5, count to 30, he’s calm. She’s hoping for a similar improvement with her son. Prescription: 8-week vaccine detox + Carcinosin 200c every Saturday + Carbo Veg 12c every morning for gut issues.

Case 4: Update of ongoing case. Male, 5 years old. Autism. Started with me 2 years ago. Continuing improvement. 6 weeks ago dad was complaining of some peculiar symptoms: spitting, rubbing his genitals along the floor, noise sensitivity. These symptoms were all pointing to a remedy called Hyoscyamus (Henbane, a herb used by witches in the past to induce visions). I also gave Carcinosin & a remedy made from Pituitary Gland (to stimulate the patients own pituitary gland). So the Hyos worked really well, all those symptoms have resolved. The Carcinosin also worked well – we have a detox going on, fever etc, along with an increase in understanding, reduction in hyperactivity, now toilet trained, starting to repeat words (but out of context), beginning to notice other kids at school. Slow & steady gains. I’ve stopped the Hyos now (it has done it’s job), and moved to higher does of both Carcinosin & Pituitary gland.

Case 5: Update of ongoing case. Male 11 years. PANDAS. He’s on two antibiotics, an anti-seizure med & lots of supplements. Not a simple case. All the kids in the family have got sick – fevers, sore throats, ear infections (even though they are on the damn antibiotics!). There’s so much going on in this case it’s difficult to know what to do. He is improved by taking Benadryl (oh yes, he’s on that too!), so I’ve decided to give him Belladonna 12c twice a day, alongside Ferrum Phos 6x Cell Salt 3 times a day, both to hopefully bring down this inflammation so I can get some clarity in the case.

Case 6: Follow-up. Female, 8 years old. This is an unusual case. The girl had regressive Autism, but her mother recovered her using diet & supplements. There are no real symptoms except a high histamine reaction to ‘the outside’, i.e everything seems to give her hayfever. She also has an ongoing gut inflammation issue that the mum believes was caused by excessive use of antibiotics during pregnancy & in the first weeks of life. Last prescription was an 8-week antibiotics detox + Arsenicum Album 200c every Saturday. Super anxious mother (but it was this trait that recovered her kid from autism, so it isn’t all bad!). Veeeery interesting response – clear symptoms of detox (fishy smells, increased urination, some joint pains, pimples under armpits, some return of eczema), and we got improvements in gut health – stools more healthy, stinky gas has stopped. As frequently happens her symptom picture shifted from Arsenicum to Thuja ….BUT that’s not what I’m going to give. At the end mum tried introducing fruits into her diet (she never does well on these), but she reacted immediately – gut not healed yet. Instead of giving Thuja (which she will benefit from, there’s clear signs that she needs it), I’m going to give her Lac Maternum (remedy made from mother’s milk). It was when she stopped breast feeding at 18 months old that all her symptoms started & she regressed into autism. I want to explore this idea. Today’s prescription: Lac Maternum 200c twice-a-week for 4 weeks.

Case 7: Follow-up. Eire. Male. 6-years old. Autism + colitis. Symptoms: Speech delay (not conversational), poor social skills (no friends), high anxiety, sound sensitivity, high levels of yeast, from birth he had a huge tummy with inflammed guts – was in constant pain & had green stools for the first 4 & a half years of life. At 4-and-a-half he had a series of steroid treatments which resolved the colitis symptoms. At 6 he underwent chelation therapy which increased his awareness & language, he also started doing ion-cleanse footbaths which could cause fevers. Interestingly, he was neuro-typical during these fevers (this is a recognised phenomena in some autism cases). First prescription: 8-week Steroid detox + Cuprum-Cum-Carc 200c + Okoubaka 6x twice a day. Mum has already reported back after 4 weeks that she had seen ‘lovely little differences.’ Result: “He’s doing great.” Clear detox response to the steroids. Interestingly he has shown an increase in language skills, described by his mum as “a fabulous increase in language”. His writing skills have also exploded, she showed me A4 sheets where he had written the name of toy stores, then stuck them on a door & pretended that was the shop. Truthfully, I’d no idea he would respond so beautifully. A very happy result. This prescription: Strep bacteria detox + Arsenicum 200c. His blood titers for strep are very high & there seems to be an underlying problem. He’s also very anxious, mistrustful of his parents as he’s been to so many doctors & been injected so many times. Here’s to more improvements!

Now for my plans for 2017:

I’ve Treated 750 Kids with Autism in the past 2 years, I plan to see 10 Times this number in the next few years.

So here’s the plan – expand my practice & help A LOT more kids.
At the moment I work by myself, each first appointment takes 90 minutes & it’s quite intense & exhausting. There’s a limit to how many kids I can see a week – time & my energy levels are ultimately my constraints. Usually by Thursday each week I’m ready to lie face down on the carpet!

Why expand? Because, although the mainstream media & the politicians don’t say it, the world is in the midst of an autism epidemic. The CDC (Centre of Disease Control) denies it & claim it’s just better ‘detection’, but we’ve gone from 1-in-10,000 in the 1980s to 1-in-88, 1-in-50, 1-in-34…. the rate just keeps on rising. So, MILLIONS of kids need help, but I can’t treat more than a tiny % of them by myself.

My solution – employ more homeopaths! I have a little side project helping other homeopaths get busy called ‘Homeopathic Practice Building’. For 18 months I’ve been trying to help other homeopaths increase their practices (they are generally the world’s worst business people!). It’s been a pretty thankless task, with a few notable exceptions. Out of 2,500 people in my Facebook group, about 6 (!) have used my ideas & built busy practices! The ideas work, but homeopaths seem to find 10,000 excuses not to go & ‘do the work’ to build their patient numbers. However I’ve accidentally found a way to recruit more homeopaths – use this Facebook group as my filter. Those with ‘fire in their bellies’ pass the test! I already have my first recruit who started with me last week. In 2017 I will move into premises, something like this:

I have an aversion to typical office interiors – those awful blue carpet tiles, the suspended ceilings, florescent lights, particle board walls. Yuck. I’m planning a more open plan affair, …minimalist, concrete floor, with homeopaths taking calls from little acoustic huts like these:

A bit of felt on the walls for acoustic dampening & to brighten it up & I think a little row of those could look great.

Have a great Christmas everyone!


Originally posted on Steemit back in December 2016