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I am dealing with lots of new enquiries today, so the format will be slightly different. I will attempt to give you a flavour of each enquiry. There is a total of four follow-up appointments (1 hour calls), three quick catch-ups (15 minute calls), and no fewer than seven new enquiries (15 – 20 minutes) to get through. Busy day!

A quick check of my Twitter feed (prompted by an email, I hadn’t looked at it in months) shows lots of trolls saying unpleasant things ‘@’ me. It’ll be many months before I bother looking again, does anyone use Twitter, apart from Donald Trump? It seems a strange way to spend your time, howling abuse at people into the abyss hoping someone responds!

1st Case: female, 7 years old, Autism & PANDAS (chronic strep. infection causing neurological symptoms). Ireland.
Follow-up (1st seen November 2016). Symptoms: OCD, chronic constipation (1 bowel movement every 5 days), repetitive movements/hand flapping, terrible sleep – screaming going to bed every night due to separation anxiety, wakes nightly between 3 & 5 am & needs reassurance. Clear case of metal & vaccine toxicity, but it wasn’t appropriate to start detoxing until bowels are moving regularly. 1st prescription: Pulsatilla 200c + Streptococcus 200c + Carcinosin 200c.

Result: Fabulous response, now sleeping through the night, no screaming, goes to bed peacefully & calmly. Constipation has resolved, now goes regularly every day. OCD is still present but reduced significantly. Great, now we can start detoxing! 2nd Prescription: Metal detox + Pulsatilla 1m. Note: This little girl has been on a TON of supplements & allopathic medicines to try & control her symptoms, non of which were very effective.

2nd Case: New enquiry. Male, 4 years old, Autism. USA. Heard about me ‘online’. Currently doing 15 hours ABA therapy weekly (at a cost of $120-per-hour!) Symptoms: Non-verbal, hyperactive, sensory-seeking + needs deep pressure, verbal stimming & hand flapping. Mother feels he was not born with autism – normal development & met all his milestones up until 18 months old when the symptoms started (this old story again!). Is this another case of vaccine-induced autism? The mother had a stroke at 21 years old as a side effect of taking the contraceptive pill (yikes) and as a consequence had to be on Lovenox (an anticoagulent) during her pregnancy. Hair test also shows high levels of aluminium. As you can see I’m already building up a list of possible toxins, and the beautiful thing about this method is – we can use the remedies as diagnostic tools to figure out what are the toxins that are causing the biggest issues.

3rd Case: New enquiry. Male 5 years old, Autism. Ireland. Autism & Global developmental delay. Tremendous improvement using the GAPs diet – great eye contact, very affectionate, ‘he’s emerging’, happy, less aggressive, now interested in the world, good comprehension, shows & understands emotion etc etc. (showing us once again that this is a medical conditions, an illness…it’s not that his brain is ‘wired differently’). Lots of yeast & persistent cradle-cap. His parents have now come to me because they feel it’s time to detox him.

4th Case: New enquiry. Male 6 years old, Autism. UK. Symptoms: Flapping (which started after a general anaesthetic), doesn’t respond to his name, delayed language – can only make wants & needs known, poor comprehension, not social, just plays by himself, no imaginative play with toys. He’s fully vaccinated & hair test shows high aluminium, lead & mercury.

5th Case: New enquiry. No show: Frustrating, but gives me time to do some vacuum-cleaning!

6th Case: 15-minute update for existing patient. Male, 12 years old. USA. PANDAS. Symptoms: Rage with remorse after (‘I’m a horrible person’). OCD – picks nails constantly. Lots of griefs in past few years. Still wets the bed every evening. Involuntary stools 3 times a week. Continuing slow improvement, rages not a feature now, maturing & socialising much better with his peers. However…bedwetting every night continues, & as he’s now 13 years old he (and parents) would like it addressed. I’ve prescribed Nitric Acid 200c & am fairly confident that this will finally address the bed-wetting.

7th Case: Follow-up appointment. Male, 12 years old. Canada. Autism. Delayed speech (not conversational), delayed socially (doesn’t know how to interact or read social cues), stimming, hyperactive – can’t sit sit, poor focus, hard to self-regulate. Regressed at 2.5 years (possibly vaccines). Had tremendous gains in the past with AC chelation. 1st prescription: Vaccine detox + Silica 200c + Adrenal cortex 12c. Strong reaction to the prescription. Reactions started immediately with the vaccine detox. Fantastic gains, a ‘drastic response’, improvement in language, evidence of complex thinking, now saying ‘I love you’ for the first time & giving hugs, kisses at bedtime. School reports ‘an excellent, amazing week’ – more present, better compliance, better behaviour, better language, more present. Days after Silica – ‘he was almost conversational’/’funny’…behaved neuro-typical, calmer & less hyper. Great response! 2nd Prescription: Repeat the vaccine detox + Silica 1m .

8th Case: New enquiry. Male, 3 years, UK. Autism & selective mutism. No diagnosis yet. Older sibling (6 years) with same symptoms. Both can talk with parents (but delayed), but mute when with anyone else. Seemed to ‘withdraw’ around 1 years old, father not sure of the reason, queried MMR vaccine.

9th Case: Follow-up appointment. Male, 5 years old. Morocco. (pro bono case). Autism. Poor health – regressed after vaccines & a series of fevers + convulsions between 1 & 2 years old. Sodium Valporate (anti-convulsant) between 2 & 5 years old. Lymph nodes on neck swollen since 2 years old with recurring fever & throat infection every 2 months. Doctors noticed there was ongoing inflammation, but didn’t know why. Previous prescription: Carcinosin 200c + Vaccine detox. Incredible improvements on the Carcinosin straightaway: Hyperactivity reduced 80%, health improved, lymph nodes have returned to normal size & there have been no incidences of fever, strep-throat etc since starting homeopathy 6 months ago. His understanding has increased & he can now come down stairs & turn TV on & sits & watches it. The vaccine detox, not such a good story! He reacted to each dose negatively – increased his hyperactivity, had separation anxiety (new symptom) & became very sensitive to noises (another new symptom). Two things are clear from this reaction: He REALLY needs a vaccine detox BUT, there’s something blocking it at present. My money would be on the fact that the Sodium Valporate that he was given between 2 & 5 years old has created a ‘layer’ that needs removed. New prescription: Carcinosin 1m (it’s working like a dream, so let’s give more!) + Sodium Valporate detox. After this I will hopefully get a good result when I repeat the vaccine detox.

10th Case: Follow-up. Twin brothers, 6 years old. Autism. Turkey. I’ve been treating them for a while. Both regressed after vaccines. Latest prescription: BCG vacc detox + antibiotic detox with Medorrhinum 200c + Thuja 200c. Very frustrating cases…. with every detox prescription we get CLASSIC detox symptoms, but no improvements. Why why why? What is the block? What have I missed? This is a conundrum. Prescribed: Misoprostol + Mifepristone detox. Is THIS the block, will this be the key to unlock this case?

11th Case: New enquiry. Male. 5 years old. Autism. UK. Aggressive, language delay. Regression after vaccines. Brother (who I was speaking to) is a medical student & slightly sceptical of homeopathy. Booked in for March.

12th Case: New enquiry. 20 months old, male. Autistic symptoms. Canada. She was very pleased to speak to me (my results are being talked about on various websites & Facebook groups), she knows how to inflate my ego, she said she felt like she is ‘talking to Michael Jackson’ ha! Flattery will get you everywhere.

13th Case: 15-minute update. Boy ((9) & girl (7), both with PANDAS. USA. Ongoing case – previous well-indicated (I thought!) remedies hadn’t worked. This is an update where I had asked the parents to rotate two different remedies to see which (if any) worked best. No show? Dammit a no show to finish the evening. That’s a half-hearted ‘dammit’, I was feeling very tired anyway. Note: Patient contacted me later in the evening to apologise, they had mixed their timings up.

Have a great week & as always, all comments appreciated.