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I swear that I saw I had a 9.30am call this morning, but the calendar was blank (must have been a last-minute cancellation). This gives me time for a nice walk around the local lake & a leisurely breakfast.

1st Case: Update. Male, 3 ½, autism. Doing great, he’s been under treatment for the past year & has had loads of detoxes. Currently he’s on a remedy to encourage his Pituitary Gland to work more effectively, and it’s working well – school & nursery are reporting continuing improvements. We’ll keep him on it for another 4 weeks + Phosphorus 200c as he’s getting frequent nosebleeds & mum reports that he ‘can’t sit still’.

2nd Case: New case. Male, 2 years, Ireland, Autism. Met all milestones, regressed at 14 months. Lost eye contact, lost words, became quiet & ‘switched-off’, ‘something happened, a completely different child.’ Unfortunately, it’s not clear yet what the trigger was. Normally I’ll see a vaccine or other toxin being given a short time before this regression, but not this time. Fairly complex case before the birth: Progesterone given 1st trimester to stop spontaneous abortion, 10 ultrasounds, mother had Cholestasis (liver problem caused by too many pregnancy hormones, probably because of the Progesterone!) and had to be given two medications for last month, two steroid injections to mature the babies lungs, and then delivery by C-section.

I’ve decided to start with a vaccine detox as a sort of ‘diagnostic probe’. I’m asking his body, ‘are vaccines a problem?’ and listening to the answer (I’ll know within the next 8 weeks). It may well turn out to be some of the pre-birth medication that needs to be detoxed, but we shall see. I’ve also prescribed a liver support & a remedy made from mother’s milk as he didn’t have breast milk and has certain symptoms suggesting this will be beneficial (he’s in his own world, he doesn’t even really notice his mother).

3rd Case: Update. Female, 20 years old, UK. Sudden onset of asthma & acne, & her periods stopped all after being given morning-after pills. We detoxed these months ago. The asthma is gone, acne gone, periods back to normal. She’s returned for help with new symptoms: bloating after every meal, excessive wind (farting), irritability. Any homeopaths in the audience will be shouting ‘Lycopodium’! Lycopodium 200c prescribed for 4 weeks.

4th Case: Update. Female, 10 years old, PANDAS, USA. Last prescription was Hyoscyamus 1m, to which she had responded brilliantly. All confessions & compulsions are no longer there. This time mum wanted treatment for molluscum. Prescribed Silica 12c + Thuja 12c daily.

5th Case: New enquiry. Male, 7 years, Autism, USA. No show. How Frustrating, my records show mother has been contacting me since 2015 but still hasn’t committed. I’ll ask my assistant to block her, or insist she pays in advance in future, she’s prevented someone else from receiving help.

6th Case: Update. Male, 13 years, Autism, USA. Previous detoxes of IVF drugs & hormones. Last note reads: ‘Continuing problems, mother upset’ (ops!) Patient ‘non-functional’ i.e he goes about all day unable to open his eyes (it’s a compulsion). “He’s doing better” (phew!), reduction in compulsive/ritualistic behaviour. Actually many improvements all round, BUT he also started Augmentin antibiotic at the same time as my last prescription, so I’m unable to say which approach worked. Prescription: Calc Carb 30c as a constitutional prescription (found by his mum). I’m happy to try this approach as he’s clearly not able to detox at the moment.

7th Case: Follow-up. 2 boys, both on autism spectrum. One 6 years old, the other 3 1/2.

6 year old: Selective mutism & social anxiety were his main symptoms. A previous prescription of Lycopodium 200c had greatly eased these symptoms & mum reported that he was now able to Skype with his cousins & had even started a YouTube channel!

3 year old: First prescription was an anaesthetic detox (he had regressed after anesthetics). Great improvements (including fixing a squint in his eye). Next: Vaccine detox (his first regression occurred after his 1 year vaccs) + Calc Carb 200c, which I suspect is his constitutional remedy.

8th Case: Update. 7 years, male, autism, USA. Has been my patient for quite a while, made lots of progress on previous detoxes. This time he did very well on Poly Bowel (remedy made from bowel bacteria) & Carcinosin. More independent, more receptive language. Prescription: Higher dose of Poly Bowel + higher dose Carcinosin.

9th Case: Update. Male, 2 years old, Autism USA. I have prescribed several times for this kid, but the mum is very nervous & didn’t give the remedies (frustrating!). Recently had a battery of tests which show high yeast & oxalate levels. I’m not surprised, he has extremely high levels of heavy metals & this will frequently predispose someone to high yeast & oxalates. He desperately needs a vaccine & metal detox (at minimum). I decided to prescribe simply homeopathic Candida & Oxalic acid, low potency & daily. I’m hoping this will help his body moderate the yeast levels & excrete the excess oxalic acid & demonstrate to the mother that the remedies can be trusted so I can get on with a good detox.

10th Case: Follow-up. Male, 4 years old, Autism, UK. Previously has had a vaccine & labour medicine detox. There has been clear detox reactions & improvements in symptoms from both of these. In fact detoxing the labour drugs caused a fever & after this dropped, speech began! He also started pretend play (before it was just repetitive), being affectionate with parents & has begun following instructions. Fabulous result, what a great end to my evening. This little guy ALREADY ‘no longer meets the diagnostic criteria for ASD’, in other words he’s no longer autistic, but we’ll spend the next few months working on the remaining speech delay & then off he’ll go to school with everyone else. Prescription: Metal detox + Baryta Carb 200c + pituitary gland support.

11th Case: Update. 13 years, female, PANS, USA. (very anxious, sends me multiple emails every week) mother reports a flare from the current prescription (Phosphorus 200c + Tuberculinum-Koch 200c + IgA 12c). She has been prescribing other remedies on her own alongside mine (Natrum Mur & Aurum Met). Absolute chaos, on a ton of medications & supplements alongside the homeopathy (including antibiotics, antifungals & antihistamines!). Oh lordy went waaaay over time. I’ve stripped my prescription down to little more than a supplement: Phosphorus 6c daily & Calc Phos 6x twice a day. It feels like someone is twiddling 50 different dials on a machine & then is wondering why the outputs are crazy & unpredictable. My hope is that in time she will begin reducing all the other ‘inputs’ & I can get a clear picture of what’s going on & what remedy she needs.

The End.

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