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I’ve woken this morning feeling under pressure. It seems like I’m a one-person medical centre: My inbox is overflowing with patients needing answers, and thanks to the poisoned chalice of social media I have: new enquiries, existing patients, colleagues contacting me on Twitter private message, Facebook, Skype messages, and messages on my website. I’m just complaining because I feel over-whelmed, I’m grateful really.

Anyway enough moaning, on with my day!

1st Call: existing patient wanting help with hayfever symptoms.Prescription: Allium Cepa + Sabadilla + Euphrasia combination remedy + Mixed Pollen & Grasses. Also explained the results of a hair mineral tests (which looks for evidence of heavy metal toxicity): result: metal toxicity indicated by hair mineral analysis, something to detox in a later prescription.

2nd Call: Update of new patient. First 4 weeks on Baryta-Carb + Morgan Pure + Tuberculinum-Koch. Improvements, less hyper (not jumping on furniture now), I want to move onto vaccine detox but mum is nervous, wants more gut healing first. Went over time (which is normal). I have to keep an eye on this one, if there’s no improvement after the next prescription I’ll insist on detox.

Facebook messages coming in from patients wanting replies to their emails. No time to respond.

A quick banana-on-toast for breakfast.

3rd Call: Introduction appointment. Male, 4 years, autism – non-verbal & sensory. UK. Sounds like a fairly typical case. Regression, 3 neuro-typical older siblings. Booked in to see me later in the year.

4th Call: 1st appointment. Male, 4 years, Autism, non-verbal. UK. Regression at around 14 months, possibly after vaccines. Didn’t walk until 2 years, definite aggravation on dairy. Stopped dairy & gave supplements for past 2 months & showing improvements in understanding & physical balance. Prescription: Vaccine detox + Silica 200c.

Quick lunch: Roast chicken legs & strawberry’s in yogurt (strange combination!)

5th Call: Update, existing case. In the middle of a vaccine & Tylenol detox. Just asking a few questions about adding additional supplements in middle of detox. I said ‘no’ as I try & limit the amount of variables in a case.

6th Call: Update, existing case. Twin brothers. 1st: Continuing improvements. Feeding himself now, using the potty. Really trying to talk. Getting frustrated as he’s so desperate to communicate – he’s nipping people & becoming very vocal. 2nd: Improvements but off his food – bloating, lying on tummy, some constipation. Px: Lycopodium 6c + Carbo Veg 6c daily to help his tummy. Both to move on to their next detox (Labour drugs) after a few weeks.

Now I have a nice break due to a cancellation. Quick walk around the lake then let’s do some admin.

7th Call: With my colleague Sally to discuss a workshop we’re planning to help other homeopaths build their practices. It’s like herding cats! Reluctant self-sabotaging cats with poverty consciousness. I’m on my Nth cup of tea of the day (where ‘N’ is a large number)

8th Call: 1st Appointment. Female, 5.5 years, ASD/ADD/ADHD, USA. Treated her brother two weeks ago. Diagnosed at 17 months (that seems very early!). Clear regression at 14 months after a DTaP vaccine (denied by the paediatrician), then reacted severely to a nasal ‘flu vaccine (again denied by the paediatrician).
Prescription: DTaP detox + a remedy I’ve yet to decide!

9th Call: 1st Appointment. Mother of another two of my patients. 49 years. USA. Recurring UTIs (urinary tract infections) after intercourse since early 20s. Treated with 50+ rounds of antibiotics. Now she has begun having Hayfever, eczema & other allergy symptoms. Lots of amalgam fillings in past that were removed. She remembers CHEWING her amalgam fillings that came loose in her childhood ‘like chewing gum’. Recurring UTIs still occurring after intercourse: painful & bad smelling. My theory is that there’s amalgam toxicity which is causing the UTI’s (and other symptoms like excessive sweating), then on top she’s had so many antibiotics that it has damaged the guts & caused the hayfever/allergy response.
Prescription: Antibiotic Detox + Arsenicum Album 200c. (Consider Kreosotum as acute remedy for future). Also reported that her son (who’s currently on a ‘flu vaccine remedy) is still doing brilliantly, he said “I did a hiccup” in perfect Spanish for the first time the other day to her amazement (he’s rapidly gone from non-verbal to bilingual, though still behind his peers).

10th Call: Follow up. Male, 4 years old. USA. Global Developmental delay + many seizures daily. He regressed badly after vaccines. Seizures started at 1 year old (I suspect they are caused by the vaccines). His mother tried a whole heap of anti-seizure medications, but they all came with horrible side-effects or a worsening of symptoms so they were stopped by about 2.5 years old. I have not performed well here, first of all I prescribed a remedy Bufo which seemed to cover both the delays & the seizures, but there was no reaction. Last prescription was a vaccine detox, this was too much for his body. He reacted by throwing a fever for a few days, so that was good. And there was sweating at night, another detox sign. AND he has come out in eczema on his skin (another sign). BUT the frequency of the seizures has increased, he’s now having 10 grand mals and 30 – 40 other smaller seizures daily. What I believed has happened is, his body has tried to detox, but his liver is not up to the task yet. Prescription: Hypothallamus 30c (for seizures & incredibly frequent urination symptoms) + Nux Vomica 6c daily + Chelidonium 3x twice a day.

11th Call: Follow-up. Male, 8 years, ‘ASD’, USA. I say ‘ASD’ because I don’t think it is. LOTS of food intolerances. Socially awkward. No vaccines. Regression at about 14 months which coincided with stopping breast feeding. Previously has had a metal detox + a remedy made from mother’s milk with good results. This time I’m going for a remedy made from Histamine to try & re-set these allergic reactions he has to so many foods + Thuja 200c for the awkwardness, he’s being a bit sneaky, he has excessive body hair & a few other clues that this remedy will fit.

Quick bacon & toast and 30 minutes of Tanki and then I collapse into bed 🙂