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This is a testimonial that I received a little while ago and just wanted to share.

“My almost 5 year old boy was diagnosed with Autism a few days after his third birthday.
His dad and I were at a loss.

After searching and searching in the internet, we decided to try the Biomedical approach. Our first appointment costed $800, plus a box of $500 worth of supplements, and about 5 test kits worth thousands of dollars.

We started giving him about twenty or more supplements per day and we put him on a strict diet. Unfortunately, about three weeks from starting the treatment, his symptoms worsened. His belly popped out, he began going around in circles, he got constipated for the first time in his life, began scripting , etc. His DAN/MAPS (biomedical doctor) answer was : “Oops!”
Little I knew that all these supplements contained silica and other additives that contributed to his already high toxic load.
I continued biomedical for another year. I even changed DAN/MAPS three times thinking that the next was going to be better than the other. Each time I went there I came out with 3-5 test kits and more supplements. His symptoms kept getting worse.

I kept battling bacteria to get yeast. I killed the yeast to get bacteria. I killed parasites to get more yeast…..
Finally, after a year, I gave up and decided to educate myself.

That’s how after several sleepless nights of doing research I decided to try CEASE Homeopathy and Alan.
We started with the lowest dose of the poly vaccine remedy.

He immediately started to ask “where?” “what?” “who?” questions. He began to awake to this world.
“Mommy: What is this?” (Bricks). “Mommy: What are they for?” (You build houses and buildings with bricks”).
His vocabulary exploded! I could not believe it!
I even loved when he  shut me up!
“Mommy, please! Be quiet!”
He also began to follow complicated directions and doing things he never did before. Like opening the children’s security latch of the TV stand, finding his own film, opening the DVD player, using the remote to press “play”, “pause”, “stop”. He even learned to disconnect the electricity button of the TV to annoy his sister!
We could not believe our eyes!
At the end of the eight weeks, I even began to push Spanish on him. Spanish is our first language. English is our second. However, English is his favorite language since he heard it at school every day. To my surprise, he began to catch it really fast!

Two weeks ago, we had his annual IEP meeting. He was voted unanimously by all the team to go to mainstream kindergarten.
What else can I say?
Thank you Alan!
We owe you a big one!
The Arranz family”

Alan’s notes: This was the result of one prescription! Total cost: $220.
Disclaimer: I don’t always get results so quickly, I have other cases that take a looooong time to get to this stage. I have permission to publicise this testimonial from the family.

(picture posted with permission from family)