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The Telegraph Is publishing a hit piece against me this weekend. This is the second time this year that the mainstream media has done this. Back in March it was The Sunday Times that attempted to smear me. A week ago The Daily Mail wrote an article attacking my colleague Sally Lloyd. It’s almost as if they have an agenda.


I shall not be making any statements to that newspaper, as I believe more than ever that the MSN are nothing but ‘dirty dirty smear merchants’. Their job is to act as an arm of corporate-controlled state propaganda, any heterodox opinion will be attacked/smeared/dismissed. This article is my reply. I post it here where they can’t manipulate, strip of context, or in other ways distort my words. 


A journalist contacted me around a week ago, pretending to be an expectant mother & asking for my advice.


I didn’t charge her any money for my time, nor did I try to sell her any products. Instead I spoke to her in good faith and tried to help  a mother (I thought!) who was concerned about vaccination by sharing my experience & opinion. Unfortunately that good faith was not reciprocated. 


I told her about my experience of being vaccine damaged at 20 years old and then suffering chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis and various other auto-immune issues for several years after that, until I was finally healed with homeopathy. 


I told her of my experience treating 1400 cases of autism, and how I’ve seen vaccine damage over and over again in my practice.


I suggested a book she could read for more information (An Educated Decision), written by a nurse who became a homeopath. This explains the risks and dangers of the illnesses children are currently immunised against. It demystifies and takes away some of the fear surrounding them. For example, before the introduction of a measles vaccine in the US, the risk of a child dying from measles was 1-in-2 million. In other words, measles is not a dangerous illness. Chicken Pox is now something the US media make you scared of (they vaccinate against it). However, chicken pox is still rightly seen as a mild infectious childhood illness in the UK. Obviously this will change once they start introducing the Varicella vaccine. It’ll come, just a matter of time. On a side note, cases of the (much more serious and painful) illness Shingles (caused by same virus as chicken pox) has been (predictably) increasing sharply in countries that have introduced the varicella vaccine. People who contract chicken pox in childhood generally have much gentler ‘attacks’, if they come down with shingles in later life.


I offered the journalist a spectrum of choices instead of just blindly adhering to the UK schedule:

  • She could choose to follow the schedule
  • Or follow a delayed schedule
  • Or just opt for some of the shots
  • Or not immunise at all


I suggested she didn’t advertise the fact if she chooses not to vaccinate to any nurseries or schools due to the current climate of hysteria in the UK around vaccination (that’s being deliberately stoked by the MSM).


The British press is a ‘context stripping machine’, as they say. She wasn’t interested in any of the above points, just ‘gotcha journalism’ where they can take things I said out of context to suit their agenda. 


None of these things I said to her above will be in the article. Instead, it’ll try to twist some of my opinions to portray me as mad/bad/deluded/dangerous/ill-informed (take your pick). If a person isn’t credible, their opinion can be safely ignored. For a recent example: Look how they continually smear Julian Assange and attack his character, that way they can ignore the war-crimes he exposed. 


The MSM’s agenda is very clear. There has been a clear, persistent, well organised campaign since the start of 2019 to push for mandatory vaccination in all English-speaking countries. This has already happened in some states in America (coincidentally the state politicians that pushed these mandatory vaccination bills through had large ‘contributions’ from vaccine manufacturers!), and in Australia. It’s not hard to see the hidden hand of big-pharma behind this push.


Below I will address each of the out-of-context points they want me to respond to that will appear in their article.


  •       “ (You) Said that at the ‘good end’ of possible scenarios, the government ‘must know’ that vaccines are ‘damaging some’ children but that they are taking the approach that ‘if you want to make an omelette you’re going to have to break a few eggs, there’s going to be some children sacrificed for this, but it’s worth it for the tribe’.”


This is an out-of-context quote (are you surprised?). I was explaining that the incidence of vaccine damage is FAR higher than the government admits. I was discussing my experience of so many parents coming to me with clear evidence of vaccine injury & the doctors refusing to record it as they are required to do. Therefore the data being collected on vaccine safety is utterly bogus. We were discussing WHY the government denies that vaccine damage is a problem, despite the evidence all around us in our communities. My explanation was (assuming they are not just outright evil) – the gov. KNOWS some kids are being vaccine-injured, but is convinced they are a sacrifice worth making if it protects the ‘tribe’. 


  •         “(You) Said you think there is some truth in conspiracy theories that governments and other organisations are using vaccinations as part of a plan to reduce the global population, for example by curbing fertility.
  •         You described the approach as ‘evil genius’ and said you think that is what the Bill Gates Foundation (sic) is doing.”


I stand by that opinion. There has been enough scandals coming out of Africa, Pakistan and other developing areas of the world, where local doctors discover something in the vaccines given to them by the (sic) Gates Foundation or the WHO, that dramatically reduces female fertility. There’s also many examples of premature menopause among teenage girls after being given the HPV vaccine. There’s also the little matter of video evidence of Bill Gates stating that one of his goals was reducing world population!

The ‘evil genius’ out-of-context quote was because I was saying that if powerful people believe there are too many people in the world taking too many resources, producing too much CO2 etc,  then reducing fertility through vaccination is at least less violent and horrific than billions of people being killed in wars or famines.


“ (You) Told a reporter posing as a pregnant mother that if you were her, you would not give her unborn child any vaccinations at all.

  •         Told the same reporter that if you were her, you would not give her two healthy three year olds any further vaccines
  •         Told the undercover reporter not to give her daughters the HPV vaccine.”


Yes, I shared my opinion of what I would do based on my personal experience,  but also stated that everyone needs to make their own decision. However not giving the HPV vaccine is an easy decision to make, there have been so many reports of serious adverse effects from that jab. 



Alan’s note: What’s interesting is we are led to assume that our mass vaccine schedule has been tested and found safe, and that any opponents of mass vaccination must be ‘anti-science’. This just ain’t so, no vaccine has been tested against an inert placebo (however they have tried to trick us by testing against placebos containing neurotoxins). There have been no tests of the cumulative effects of vaccines (oh that ever-growing schedule). There has been no studies looking at different health outcomes in vaccinated Vs unvaccinated populations. And as I noted earlier, almost no data is being collected on the very frequent vaccine adverse reactions people are experiencing. In other words, although The Telegraph is trying to suggest that homeopaths are the ill-informed crazy ones, our governments are guilty of running a massive experiment with our children’s health. They aren’t on the side of ‘science’, what they are doing is the opposite of science. You could also rightly ask, if the vaccines have extremely low risk of causing harm, why are their manufacturers immune from prosecution? Remember these are the same companies that get caught over and over and fined BILLIONS of dollars for manipulating studies and data showing their products are more effective and safer than is actually the case. 



Defended Andrew Wakefield against criticism, and accused the NHS of using ‘dodgy’ data to support vaccination.”


I stand by what I said. Wakefield did a great service by highlighting possible adverse reactions to the MMR vaccine. However (once again stripping out the context of what I said), I also stated that Dr Wakefield wasn’t ‘anti-vaccine’, all he was suggesting was that the three MMR components be given separately until more research was conducted into MMR safety. For that he was demonised and his career destroyed. He lives in Florida now with a former supermodel, so he’s doing o.k these days!



“The article will allege that you have broken the code set out by the Society of Homeopaths, which states that it is ‘unethical for a homeopath to advise a patient against the use of conventional vaccines’”


I have an easy answer to that, I’m not IN the Society of Homeopaths, nor do I require to be to practice legally in the UK. I’m not a member precisely because of ridiculous rules like this. I must be free to advise against something if I feel that it is harmful, especially as I experienced that harm directly!


The REAL story here is the coordinated campaign across multiple English-speaking countries to destroy non-pharmaceutical medicine and bring in mandatory vaccination. Meanwhile, the rates of autism and developmental disorders are exploding, and 50% of US children now have some sort of chronic illness. I read recently that 27% of boys in Belfast schools are diagnosed as having some sort of developmental delay! There’s massive vaccine damage going on, they are injuring kids on an industrial scale. The media pretend not to see, but just look around you… there’s thousands of new Special-needs teachers (that didn’t exist a generation ago), new special needs schools, therapy centres and mental health clinics springing up up all over the place. The local councils can’t meet the demand from parents for grants and therapy provision, they are overwhelmed. The state will simply not be able to pay for the care of all these children they have damaged.  


That’s the REAL story…and who do the dirty smear merchants in the mainstream media attack? That’s right, the few people like Sally Llloyd and myself that are out there trying to stem the tide. 

The tone of the email from The Telegraph made me chuckle. It’s actually moralising, like they believe I’ve done something wrong and it’s their job to expose me. I guess maintaining this myth of journalistic impartiality, just searching for the ‘truth’ allows them to believe they are the ‘goodies’, rather than just a propaganda outfit. The Telegraph, the most pro-war newspaper you’ve ever read, that revelled in the destruction of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine. A newspaper that constantly pushes for conflict with Iran and Russia is taking a moralising tone! The Telegraph, whose billionaire owners are large investors in the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the vaccines they are pushing. Apparently it’s ‘urgent’ and ‘important’ that I reply. Bloody propaganda merchants.

What’s going to be the eventual outcome of this push for mandatory vaccination if it succeeds? MANY more vaccine-damaged people in the world…and those of us trying to help simply driven underground, or forced to leave these rain-drenched islands to continue our work? Personally I will not be stopping, in fact I want to build a multi-homeopath clinic. We are in the middle (hopefully it’s not just the start) of a medically-induced catastrophe, with the MSM acting in their normal role as propagandists for the state and corporations.  

While I’ve been writing this article, The Telegraph have hand delivered a letter through my letter box. I now feel that they’ve violated my generous nature and goodwill, AND my personal space. I see more and more reasons to ‘go dark’ and work from an undisclosed location in future.

Once the article is published, I’ll post a link below although it may be behind a firewall. 

I’ve recently had a very generous offer of a donation to set up the clinic so I can help many many more people (at the moment I am limited by my own energy and time). If anyone else is interested in helping, please drop me a line.

Have a great weekend everyone


Alan Freestone

1st Nov 2019