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The Guardian, that notoriously pro Big-Pharmaceutical and anti natural medicine newspaper, is trumpeting the latest awful idea from a biotech company:

“The vaccine, known as AT04A, triggers the production of antibodies that target an enzyme involved in regulating levels of blood cholesterol. The enzyme, PCSK9, has been shown to impede the clearance of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) – the “bad” form of cholesterol that is largely to blame for blocked arteries – from the blood.”

I don’t know where to even start with this statement. I don’t need to tell you that the human body is an incredibly, unfeasibly, mindbogglingly complex machine. The idea that you can change one input (in this case the antibodies we produce for a particular enzyme) in this astoundingly complex system with subtle feedback mechanisms and have ANY sort of predictable outcome is, charitably, slightly naive. In fact I don’t think the company behind this idea are naive, I think they know EXACTLY what’s going to happen if they get FDA/MHRA approval for their product: MASSIVE profits in the first decade, small voices in the alternative media that are ridiculed and silenced about the dangers … then a growing amount of anecdotal evidence of harm being caused…then a few dodgy studies or enquiries by the (corrupt) regulators reassuring the public that the vaccines are safe. Finally after a few decades, several billion $ in profit & a few tens of thousands of premature deaths later they’ll ‘discover’ it’s dangerous & remove it from the market.

How do I know this? Because it’s a repeating pattern that we’ve seen again & again & again over the past 60 years.

“…New drug cuts ‘bad’ cholesterol by 60% on average, reducing heart attack risk

In tests, mice fed an unhealthy western-style fatty diet had their total blood cholesterol lowered by 53% by the vaccine.”

Quite apart from the fact that the link between high cholesterol & heart attacks is a gross simplification, they’ve betrayed the correct action society could/should take in this one sentence – instead of yearly mass vaccinations (yielding them massive profits), how about just encouraging people to eat a few more green vegetables?!!

The idea that we humans can’t just bimble along ourselves without pharmaceutical interventions seems discouraged (I wonder why?!) It’s like, if it wasn’t for the beneficence of big-pharma we’d be dropping like flies.

Here’s my recipe: Eat a fairly balanced diet, feel free to have red meat, alcohol, cheese, fried food, but in moderation. Listen to your body. What’s much more important is to stay as far away from processed food as your little legs will carry you, that stuff will kill you. Artificial sweeteners will kill you. The more unprocessed your food, the more you can trust your body’s reaction to it…. eat red meat every meal for a few days & your body will be naturally craving greens instead. Exercise a bit. Have good relationships with people. Don’t get too stressed for too long. Don’t be hard on yourself. Have fun.

The Guardian has a long track record of running dodgy pro-pharma stories and I’m never quite sure of their motivation. Are they simply being paid? Is it just instinct for a famously socialist newspaper to want a hierarchical system where ‘big brother’ will protect you (in this case through dubious vaccinations)?

Here’s a link to the article: