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I’ve just had a very posh young man at my door hand-delivering a letter. It seems the Daily Telegraph are doing another ‘hit piece’ on me this weekend! My thought crime this time is the blog post from earlier this week where I gave some suggestions for coping with the possible coronavirus pandemic. 


As I’ve grown older I see that ‘journalists’ are just arch-manipulators of language who push agendas, all while pretending to some sort of impartiality. So, I’ll not be responding to their request for comments. Instead I will explain my position on here where my words cannot be twisted and taken out of context.   


I presume that they are going to slyly imply that I’m offering ‘dangerous advice’ and people may be put at risk for following it, rather than the current NHS guidelines.To do this would be deliberately deceitful in my opinion. Here’s the link to my blog post, timestamped immutably on a blockchain to prove that I haven’t tampered with it since receiving the Telegraph letter:


In my very first paragraph I say:

This is intended to build on the existing advice given by the various governments, WHO etc. This is not intended as a replacement for the conventional advice, but rather as supplementary steps to take to minimise your risk.”


At the very end of my blog post I also included this:

Disclaimer: This is not intended to replace primary care. Please do your own research and If you or your family start experiencing symptoms, please visit your doctor or a walk-in centre.”


Do I really need to continue with this rebuttal?!  


The Telegraph’s position is absurd, they are clearly trying to paint me as some sort of dangerous lunatic offering advice that could put people at risk, despite my own words. That’s how you know that they are practising propaganda and manipulation, and not journalism.   


They also appeal to authority by quoting the NHS. I have two problems with this:

  1. Since when did The Telegraph like the NHS, aren’t they ideologically against socialised medicine?
  2. The NHS doesn’t have a monopoly on truth around health matters. It claims to be ‘evidence based’, but the evidence is often of poor quality, or they don’t collect the evidence that might contradict their narrative.


For example, I was speaking to someone yesterday who was telling me that the husband of their colleague (with two young children) committed suicide two days after changing his antidepressant medication. The possibility that the drugs could have caused this were not entertained by the doctors, and cause of death was recorded as ‘suicide’. This, despite the fact that suicidal thoughts are a known side-effect of the drugs he had just been prescribed.

So much for evidence based medicine.


What happened to the tradition in this country of allowing plurality of opinion? This is how progress happens, and how bad ideas are exposed. There has been a really chilling drive within the UK media over these past few years to continually narrow the overton window of acceptable thought on many different subjects. 

People should be VERY suspicious of the pattern of behaviour in the mainstream media that I’m observing. They have decided to ‘go after’ alternative health practitioners such as homeopaths. This will be the FOURTH time in a little over a year that I’m being mentioned negatively in the MSN! Why? Because I am one of the few UK homeopaths who has a social media presence, and who isn’t afraid to talk about the cases I’ve treated. Clearly this is intolerable because my mere existence and the existence of the patients that I’ve treated is a threat to a particular narrative.  

Actual journalism would be publicising my results from the cases that I’ve treated so far (over 1350 at time of writing) to start a discussion in this country. Something incredible is happening, and rather than report on it, the MSN just wants to shut it down. You have to ask yourself ‘why?’.


 I have included the letter I received from The Telegraph for full transparency. 


To conclude, the UK mainstream media has no claim to any sort of moral authority about anything. Please take anything they publish with a large pinch of salt and always ask yourself, ‘what’s their agenda here’?