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Last year an African lady came to see me to get treatment for her two sons. She had come with them on a coach from a city about 3 hours away. She ended up getting on a wrong bus in my city & eventually I had to go & fetch her in my car! She had come to the UK via Italy & had heard of my reputation treating autistic kids, that’s why she’d made that trek – both her son’s were autistic & she was desperate for help.

So, after cancelling my appointments for later in that day, I zoomed off to bring them to my clinic & started taking their cases. As I always do on a first appointment, I built up timelines of their lives.

Case 1: Male, 3 years old at first meeting. Mother had active Tuberculosis during conception & early pregnancy and was advised by her doctor to abort the child. Was taking high-dose Antibiotics first 2 months of pregnancy & Thyroxine throughout. Natural birth, no complications. Breast fed for 1 year. Met all his milestones until vaccines at 18 months (though he wasn’t yet verbal), then mum reported,

“I knew something was very wrong”

  • Stopped eye contact
  • No attention anymore
  • Chronic constipation started
  • Eczema broke out on his arms & legs
  • Non-verbal
  • Very stubborn & has frequent tantrums

1st Prescription: Homeopathic Vaccine detox + a remedy to address the effects of the T.B
Result: He experienced one high fever (a great sign) and ‘flu-like symptoms, then his eczema cleared up, he started making eye-contact & he started learning his ‘A,B,Cs’ & ‘1,2,3s’. However, mum was a little disappointed that the improvements weren’t more dramatic (!)

2nd Prescription: Antibiotic detox + T.B remedy.
Result: ‘some improvement’. Now trying to put two words together. Again, ‘flu like symptoms. He still has a language delay & is still very very stubborn.

3rd Prescription: Homeopathic Vaccine detox (of Hepatitis A, B & Varicella) + Calc Carb (which is possibly his ‘constitutional remedy’)
Result: Again, fever & ‘flu-like symptoms. Can now say 3-word sentences, better attention, increased understanding & can now follow instructions, now toilet trained, having conversations with mum now, bowel movements now normal (no constipation), less stubborn, more ‘calm & connected’. His paediatrician has now stated that he’s ‘unsure of his previous autism diagnosis’! (in other words, this boy, while still slightly behind his peers in terms of development, no longer meets the criteria to be diagnosed as ‘autistic’)

4th Prescription: Homeopathic Metal Detox + Thuja + a remedy to stimulate his Pituitary Gland.

He’s doing great!

Case 2: (younger brother) 1 year 8 months old at initial consult. Although mum said ‘ASD’, he was too young for a formal diagnosis. Thyroid medicines in pregnancy, natural birth (no drugs used). Breast fed for a year. Meeting milestones. Constipated since birth. At his 9 month vaccinations,

“Everything just stopped.”

  • He started head banging, which continues (relieving tension, pain?)
  • Doesn’t respond to his name
  • Very poor eye contact
  • Doesn’t point or wave
  • Non-verbal
  • Stimming, looks at his hands a lot.

1st Prescription: Homeopathic Vaccine detox (are you bored of this yet?!) + support remedy
Result: ‘flu-like symptoms, fevers, rash over whole body. But….no improvement in his symptoms. Huh?
Analysis: This tells me – his body NEEDS a vacc detox, it’s trying, but there’s something blocking it from working. But what could it be? My suspicion was the thyroid medication mum took during his pregnancy.

2nd Prescription: Thyroid medication detox (a combination of Thyroxine, Carbimazole, Propylthiouracil + Methimazole) + Liver support
Result: ‘Didn’t react to the detox’. But the head banging reduced, which was good. Mum very despondent & hopeless. I was her only hope & it seems to her that nothing is working.
Analysis: Even thought there were no overt signs of detox, I’m hoping that this prescription has cleared the blockage.

3rd Prescription: Repeat the Homeopathic Vaccine detox + Support remedies
Result: BOOM! Massive improvement. We got a high fever, then 2-3 weeks of low-grade fever. He’s now babbling, Head banging reduced by 70%, now responding to name 50% of the time, more connected to mum, constipation has improved 50%, sleep is much better, much better eye contact.
Analysis: This is a great example of a case where there was clear vaccine damage, but another toxin had to be addressed first before we could make progress.

4th Prescription: Hepatitis A & B & Varicella Vaccine detox + Thuja + Pituitary Gland support.

I don’t usually give you this info, but total cost of consultations so far: £318.00 for both. I suggest that this is the bargain-of-the-century for the gains both boys have experienced.