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Beating PANs or PANDAS can seem like an impossible feat. Perhaps the tests don’t show anything is wrong, or your pediatrician won’t even DO the tests to find out, or the drugs don’t work, or they work temporarily but then symptoms return. Or if you give just the right combination of drugs, supplements and diet you can stabilise your child’s symptoms…but ANY variation in the routine, or if they get a new exposure to bacteria or viruses they’re back to square one again. Does this sound familiar? Well I’m here to tell you that homeopathy has some AMAZING tools for healing your child from PANS/PANDAS. My goals are always that no symptoms will remain, and there’ll be no need for ongoing medication or supplements.


So what are these ‘secret weapons’ that I’ve found so useful in my PANS/PANDAS cases? Sometimes I forget that homeopathy still seems mysterious to many people. It isn’t crystals, it isn’t just a talking therapy, it isn’t essential oils, or some super-powerful placebo effect. In fact it is an entire system of medicine, with various tools, strategies and protocols within it. In this post I will describe how my methods can benefit your child’s PANs or PANDAS, often even when all other interventions have failed. 


I often describe homeopathy as being like a tool box. Inside are lots of different tools, each one suited to a particular task. Part of my job when I’m with a patient is finding the right tool for the job, just like a mechanic or builder would. I’m pragmatic and I want to use what works best in each case, so if a particular tool isn’t working, then I will change to a different one. The information contained in this post is some of the fruits of treating hundreds of PAN/PANDAS cases, I hope you find it useful. 


The first thing I’ll do when you come to me is take a full case study. Often this yields ‘gold’ in a case. For example: In a PANS case where the symptoms all started after a ‘flu vaccine several years before (see case study below). This leads me to introduce the first SECRET WEAPON in the tool box:

Homeopathic Detox 

Using this tool, I’ll prescribe a remedy made from the toxin that started all the problems. This stimulates the body to remove any toxins still remaining in the body, whether it’s been from a pharmaceutical drug, a vaccine, an environmental toxin like pesticides, and even if this was given many years ago. Over several weeks we will see physical signs of detox (fevers, loose bowels, an increase in thirst, sweating, urination etc) and then the patient’s symptoms should improve. This is a VERY specific detox, like a laser targeting the exact thing that caused the problem. This is not equivalent to giving a supplement or herb to stimulate liver function. No other system of medicine (that I’m aware of) has this tool available to it. 


In other cases, there’s no obvious ‘toxin’ that started the symptoms. Instead we see symptoms appear after an exposure to a particular bug, whether that is bacterial or viral. Since this exposure, the PANs/PANDAS symptoms have started. They might wax and wane, or respond positively to antibiotic/antiviral treatment, but often the symptoms come back with a vengeance each time there’s exposure to the viral/bacterial ‘trigger’, or if the level of health drops. This brings me to our Second SECRET WEAPON in the homeopathic toolkit:


Nosodes are homeopathic remedies made from disease products. They can be bacteria, Virus, fungus, parasite, toxins produced by a bug, a diseased part of the body, infected sputum, a sample of cancerous tumour etc. Sorry if anyone is reading this while eating! These sound extreme, but they can be an incredibly effective way of retraining the body to deal appropriately with particular bugs. I think of our bodies having three possible reactions when they become infected:


  1. They have an acute infection, the body mounts a defence and overcomes the bug and recovers full health.
  2. Acute infection, the body’s defences become overwhelmed, the person dies.
  3. Acute infection, the body mounts a defence but is unable to completely defeat the bug. We then enter an ‘in-between’ sub-chronic phase., neither acutely sick, or completely well.


From this model, you can see that many PANs/PANDAS fall into that third category. In fact, there seems to be more and more illnesses that fall into this category. Due to all the assaults of the modern world, our immune systems are frequently not functioning as they should. That’s why using nosodes can be so useful, it’s a way of retraining the immune system to finally overcome the bug so that it can recover full health. Again, I don’t know any other system of medicine that has a tool like this. I’ve used it countless times with strep., with Epstein-Barr virus and so on.


Introducing my Third SECRET WEAPON: Using homeopathy to heal emotional trauma.

Again, no other system of medicine has tools for this. Going back to the timeline I mentioned above, perhaps the person’s symptoms all started shortly after a grief in the family. In this case, I think of it as the body has been unable to process that intense emotional state, so it becomes energetically ‘stuck’. You can see it if you talk to someone whose parent died 15 years ago, but they still burst into tears if the death is mentioned. This shows that the body hasn’t processed the grief, it’s still ‘locked-up’. This can cause so much of the body’s energy to be ‘locked-up’ holding that grief at bay, that it drops the available energy for all the other bodies processes… like running a robust immune system. Giving a remedy to help this emotional trauma will frequently result in a short period of intense emotion (where the person is finally able to process what was stuck), then the immune system improves as the locked-up energy is freed up, it deals with the ‘bugs’, and the PANs/PANDAS symptoms disappear. Again, as far as I know, no other system of medicine has this tool.  


Note: Sometimes none of these approaches are necessary, and just using ‘vanilla’ traditional homeopathy where I simply prescribe a remedy based on the patient’s symptom picture will totally resolve a case and fix all the symptoms. 


So now you all know my ‘secret weapons’, how does a typical case go? Well, there is no ‘typical case’, but the examples below are based on a composite some of my real patients through the years. 


Case Example 1: Male, 7 years old. At 5 years had the ‘flu mist nasal influenza vaccine. Since that time he has had neurological symptoms: blinking tics, arm gestures, clearing his throat, constant sniffles, looks pale and run down. Tests don’t show an active infection, but he has high viral load. Since 5 years old he has also had asthma, and requires steroid inhalers daily.


1st Prescription: Steroid detox + several remedies including Phosphorus, Gelsemium, Carbo Veg, Arsenicum.

Result: He has weaned off the steroids. No wheezing now. Energy much better.


2nd Prescription: ‘Flu mist detox + supporting remedies

Result: Neurological and asthma symptoms have resolved. No more tics, no sniffles, now playing team sports at school. 


This whole process might take 6 months. We can see from this case that just because we know the probable cause, sometimes we can’t start the treatment there. Instead we have to ‘peel the layers off’ the case. That’s why we began with the steroid detox.

Case Example 2: Female, 12 years old. PANDAS symptoms started at 9 years old after a strep. Infection. Now can’t leave her bedroom. Hasn’t been to school in 6 months, has stopped self-care, many tics – violently throwing her arms around and screeching. Night terrors. Prophylactic antibiotics for the past 3 months, these reduce the intensity of the symptoms, but they are still present. Mother tried taking her off the antibiotics last month and saw an immediate increase in PANDAS symptoms. 


1st Prescription: Firstly, I advised her to STAY on the antibiotics. I’ll only consider stopping these AFTER her symptoms have been controlled by the homeopathic remedies.
Streptococcus NosodeStrammonium


Result: Symptoms much reduced, night terrors stopped.


2nd Prescription: Continue Strep. Nosode protocol + a stronger dose of Strammonium


Result: Symptoms gone, voluntarily stopped the antibiotics. Back to school.


We’d probably need to continue treating this girl for several months after this to continue strengthening her immunity and prevent a relapse if we got a new Strep. bacteria exposure. 

Case Example 3: Female, 4 years old. Twitching, gestures, rotating wrists and ankles, grimacing, having pretend conversations in nonsense language, hallucinations. After vaccinations at 9 months old, child’s immune system became compromised. Constant ear infections and other illnesses every month. Antibiotics given regularly. Tested at 18 months and had a ‘high viral load’. At 3 years more tests were carried out and her Clostridia Difficile levels were found to be very very elevated.

1st Prescription: Clostridia Nosode + Arsenicum Album

Result: We are 1 week into the case. She’s only started on the Arsenicum for now which is causing her to throw a high fever. We are off to a great start, that’s a strong sign of healing taking place. After this prescription hopefully her Clostridia levels will be much reduced, and we can move on to dealing with the vaccines which compromised her immune system in the first place.

These cases have hopefully given you a flavour of how these homeopathic ‘secret weapons’ are used in the real world, and I hope that this short introduction to three of homeopathy’s SECRET WEAPONS has been useful. We don’t need to just ‘manage’ these symptoms, and this isn’t just another type of biomed or a branch of naturopathy, homeopathy is something much more profound. 


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