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Girl, 3.5 years old, USA.

Main Symptoms:

  • Asthma. Began at 2 years and 8 months after being prescribed antibiotics (Amoxicillin) for Lyme disease.
  • Chronic Cough. This also began after the antibiotics.
  • Poor immunity. Gets ill easily when exposed to bugs. This also began after the antibiotics.


Other Symptoms:

  • Chronic constipation from birth, with bloating.
  • Swollen liver (diagnosed by Lyme doctor).
  • Fatigue. Less energy than other kids, struggles to stay awake by the afternoon.
  • Night waking at 12am. Wakes unrefreshed in the morning.


Current Medication: Prophylactic daily antibiotics due to the poor immunity + daily steroid inhaler for wheezing + various supplements.

This medication seems to ‘take the edge off’ the chronic wheezing, but she has been frequently hospitalised these past 6 months where she has been given yet MORE antibiotics and steroids. Like much of allopathic medicine these days, this approach clearly wasn’t ‘curing’, merely keeping the symptoms at bay.

My Prescription: Arsenicum Album 200c twice a week for 4 weeks


At her first Follow-up appointment today:
Her other reports ‘her breathing is 95% better’. She no longer needs to take her daily steroid inhaler & mum is planning to stop the antibiotics this week.
Chronic constipation 50% improved. Bloating 25% improved
Improved night waking
She has also been exposed to several bugs and only had a slight runny nose in response (before the Arsenicum, mum reports that these would have resulted in hospitalisation with severe asthma symptoms)

Remaining symptoms:
We still need to work on the fatigue, the night waking & the remaining bowel issues.

Today’s prescription: Arsenicum Album 1m twice a week for 4 weeks (it worked amazingly, let’s see if the Arsenicum can continue it’s magic with this stronger dose)

A fantastic result! Placebo? If so, why did the antibiotics, steroids & supplements not have the same effect? I haven’t even seen the child in person, so it can’t be my charm & charisma 😉

Homeopathy rocks!