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A lady came to see me about her autistic 9 year old son. He has been improving greatly under the homeopathic treatment (vaccine & labour drug detoxes so far), however the lady herself had the most appalling acne, which is unusual for a 35 year old. It turns out that she had had a Nexplanon implant (artificial progesterone) as contraception a couple of years ago and since then: Her periods had completely stopped and her face had broken out in many angry pimples that become scars, then the next ‘crop’ appear.

She had the implant removed, but her periods had not returned in 2 years and her face just kept on being covered in acne.

These reactions are incredibly common, pharmaceutical medicine causes a whole host of health problems, many of which can be solved fairly easily with homeopathy.

1st Prescription: Nexplanon detox + Sepia 200c

Result: Her periods have returned & the spots have reduced by 50% (and continue to get better). Brilliant! She also has reported much better moods & much less feelings of agitation.

2nd PrescriptionSepia 1m + Ovarium 12c(remedy made from healthy ovary tissue)

Update: Her periods have returned to normal, her acne has completely resolved and we are dealing with the scarring on her face with a brilliant remedy called Thiosinaminum which (over time) will help to replace scar tissue with healthy tissue. (this also works effectively when given in a cream applied to the scarred area).