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This is a case of a Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) skin infection that began after a lady had a caesarian section for the birth of one of her sons 15 years ago. Since that time, the wound has never healed. It opens up, it bleeds, it smells very badly. The site is constantly painful. 


Multiple incisions and drainage, as well as multiple uses of the powerful antibiotic Vancomycin over the years had achieved nothing. Unfortunately that was the extent of conventional treatment offered for an MRSA skin infection, and the lady was informed that she’d have to live with it. 


When she came to me, she’d spent over a decade with this wound that was perpetually open, bleeding, weeping, and giving off an unpleasant smell which made her very conscious of being close to family members. She had consigned herself to having to live with the unfortunate condition.   


My earlier prescriptions were unsuccessful. I had tried such things as Calendula to aid skin healing, and Hydrastis for lymphatic drainage. Instead, I decided to target the Staphylococcus infection directly.


#1 Prescription: MRSA 30c

Directions: 1 pill every Tuesday & Thursday evening for 4 weeks

Follow-up: “I feel better than I have in 15 years.” The skin is much better, it is no longer an open wound, even the tinnitus she’d been complaining of had improved considerably. Infection site still painful, described as like being stabbed with a knife. 


#2 Prescription: MRSA 200c

Directions: 1 pill every Tuesday & Thursday evening for 4 weeks

Follow-up: The wound remains closed. The skin is smooth now and no longer looks angry. Still the stabbing pain.


#3 Prescription: MRSA 1m

Directions: 1 pill every Tuesday & Thursday evening for 4 weeks

Follow-up: Doing well. Feels like skin is cut ‘inside’, but much less than before. Site of the wound is occasionally itchy, but remains smooth and healthy looking. Some scarring at the site.


#4 Prescription: MRSA 10m + Thiosinaminum 12c

Directions: 1 pill every Tues & Thursday evening for 4 weeks

Follow-up: Wound remains healed. No pain anymore at the site. The Thiosinaminum is being given to heal the scar tissue and replace it with healthy skin.


Follow-up after 10 months: The wound remains healed and the scar tissue is almost gone.


Isn’t homeopathy an incredible healing art?