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I’m currently treating an autistic boy in Italy. I am in contact with his mother over Skype.

There was a clear regression at both 8 & 22 months after he received his childhood vaccines. He went white, floppy and cold after his MMR vaccine at 8 months.

At 22 months he reacted even more badly to the vaccines – again he went white, floppy, cold, but he also had a high fever and diarrhea. After this time he lost speech and eye contact, he no longer came when called, and frequently started crying for no apparent reason. His chronic constipation also began: from then on he only moved his bowels once a week.

Note: This is SUCH a common picture, I hear it from the majority of my patients…all of whom have been told by their paediatrician that there’s no link between the vaccine shot and the regression into autism a short time later!

I took the case, which involves creating a detailed timeline of the child’s life from pre-conception until today (he’s currently 13). I’m searching for possible toxins: long-term contraceptive use by mother, other medications such as antidepressants or steroids proceeding or during conception, IVF drugs, anti-nausea drugs, excessive ultrasound use (some of my African patients had an ultrasound WEEKLY throughout pregnancy!)…and continuing with labour medications such as pitocin and epidurals right up to any medications the child is on today.

There wasn’t anything obvious in the picture apart from high doses of oestrogen in the pregnancy, the labour medications & of course the vaccines. So, as I often do,  I decided to start by clearing the vaccines.

We  had improvements in speech and comprehension, he was ‘more with it’. But we also saw a major aggravation of some symptoms after giving the poly vacc*- aggressive behaviours, dilated pupils, twitches & jerking, shouting, biting himself. His mother was understandably worried!

I’ve tried various remedies: Hyosyamus, Stramonium (no improvement) & Tarentula Hispanica is on it’s way. I knew that I was missing something. But, going over the timeline there is no obvious toxin (like a long steroid course) blocking the poly vacc.

Talking the case over with my colleague Anna Rayner , I remembered that the patient was very constipated – only 1 bowel movement a week! We discussed the possibility of aluminium hydroxide as the problem (it’s a component of vaccines, aluminium is known to cause chronic constipation and the patient had responded well to chelation therapy in the past which hints at metal toxicity), but agreed that what I had been doing was stirring up the toxins when his body’s ‘plumbing’ was all blocked up, no wonder he was agitated! In my defence, the Poly Vacc treatment alone will often remedy these cases of constipation, though obviously not in this case.

So last Thursday I asked his mother to give the Poly Vacc course over one day: 30c, 200c, 1m, 10m sipping in water one after the other. (this is one of the protocols that I often use to reduce aggravations in those rare cases that need them). At the same time his mother gave him Vitamin C to tolerance (i.e give it until it causes diarrhea, then back it off slightly).

On Saturday he got sick: diarrhea, vomiting, fever/shivering, very pale, floppy, the very same symptoms that he exhibited at 22 months when he regressed into autism! Throughout the agitation she has seen improvements in his presence (“he’s more here”) and his verbal ability – This showed me that I have been on the right track with the vaccine detox.

An exciting return-of-old-symptoms! This is always a fantastic sign that we are on the path to cure, it’s like the body ‘revisits’ these past illnesses that it wasn’t able to resolve and this time around repairs the damage.  I expect more of his autistic symptoms to reduce over the coming weeks (I’ll keep you informed).

Note: It is unusual to have an aggravation like this during my treatment, probably less than 10% experience this. But this case illustrates that it is not necessarily a bad thing, it gives us clues and if we are astute, brings us closer to a cure.

Please leave a comment if you would like more case-studies like this, want to ask more about my methods, or just have something to contribute 🙂

*Poly Vacc: A homeopathic remedy containing all the vaccines that a person has had, this dramatically reduces the time needed to detox someone of all their vaccines. Previously we had to detox each one individually & this could take several years! Please contact me for more details.