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Please find below a strategy that is intended to help you both prevent and treat coronavirus using supplements and homeopathy. This is intended to build on the existing advice given by the various governments, WHO etc. This is not intended as a replacement for the conventional advice, but rather as supplementary steps to take to minimise your risk. Coronavirus may turn out to be a massively overhyped scare (the mainstream media are good at that), but just in case it isn’t, I offer you my 4 level plan.  Please share this if you feel it may be useful. 

The problem with viral pandemics is, conventional medicine doesn’t have particularly effective treatments for them. There are some anti-viral drugs around, but we are not sure how effective they will be against Coronavirus yet. This is where homeopathy and supplements can come in. We have a history of spectacular successes treating epidemics during the 19th century. The story of how this record was suppressed in official records is fascinating in itself, but off-topic for today.  In the 1918 Spanish ‘flu epidemic (death rate up to 100 million people worldwide), the homeopaths had dramatically better treatment outcomes than other doctors, the mortality rates of their patients typically being under 1%. 

The most common symptoms people have been reporting for Coronavirus are:

  • Low-grade fever (99ºF-102ºF)
  • Fatigue (malaise) and aching muscles (myalgia)
  • A less common symptom is a dry cough accompanied by breathlessness.  There have also been some reports of kidneys, liver, and heart being affected.
  • Certain cases have progressed to pneumonia, and these seem to be where the fatalities are occurring. It’s difficult to establish how many fatalities that have occurred so far, nor the overall mortality rate, as the data reported is wildly inaccurate.


Without further ado, here is my 4 level plan for treating this thing:


Level 1: Precautions.

Wear a mask. 

Wash your hands frequently. 

If it comes to your area, consider isolating yourself in your house. 

Avoid sick people, or crowded stuffy areas where people are in close proximity for prolonged periods.

This is the advice being given by governments and doctors at the moment 


Level 2: Boost your Immune System

There are many ways to approach this, I’m suggesting Colloidal Silver and Vitamin D spray.

Vitamin D spray. I use this product and spray once-a-day into my mouth to maintain my Vitamin D levels. Most people are Vit D deficient, especially during the winter in colder countries, and especially if they have brown or black skin. Adequate vitamin D levels are required for a healthy immune system. 


Colloidal Silver. This is one of these amazing substances that’s been used for thousands of years and that is heavily censored and regulated against because it’s a threat to pharma profits, therefore I claim no efficacy for this product. Spray 2 to 3 times a day into your mouth if you’ve been exposed, or are experiencing symptoms.

Follow warnings about not using this product for prolonged periods, excessive use can cause something called argyria, which is a permanent (though harmless) bluish-grey discolouration of skin caused by excessive silver build up. However this is only a problem if taking huge amounts for years. This is where the expression ‘blue bloods’ comes from when describing aristocrats, as In the past some of them suffered from this condition. Here’s a picture of the spray that I use:


Level 3Genus Epidemicus & Homeoprophylaxis

Genus Epidemicus

Now we get to the big words…and homeopathy! 

Genus Epidemicus: When treating the many epidemics that raged through Europe in the 19th century, homeopathic doctors noticed that most people infected in a particular epidemic displayed similar symptoms. The next year there might be another outbreak, and the typical symptom picture would have changed. If we can find a remedy that fits the typical symptom picture of Coronavirus 2020, then this would be the Genus Epidemicus and will be beneficial in a great many cases at either preventing symptoms entirely, or dramatically reducing the duration and severity of the infection. According to research by some Indian homeopaths, the remedy Arsenicum Album seems most closely matched to the symptoms people have been displaying.  How to use it: Take Arsenicum Album 200c once a week during period of outbreak, if symptoms start: take twice a day for 3 or 4 days, but stop on improvement of symptoms.



This is using a homeopathic remedy like a vaccine, so we can use a nosode made from coronavirus to help inoculate ourselves against the virus. Recommendation: During outbreak, take 1 pill of the nosode 30c once a week. If you start showing symptoms, increase this to 3 times a week. If the nosode isn’t available, use the remedy Influenzinum in its stead. 


So, you’d take the Genus Epidemicus remedy AND the Homeoprophylaxis remedy during each week, though separate them by at least 30 minutes. 


Level 4: Individualised Homeopathic Treatment

If you start experiencing symptoms, then Ideally you would consult a homeopath and they would prescribe you a suitable remedy. However, if cases increase dramatically you may not have this option, so I’m including a short list of the remedies most likely to help. Pick the indicated remedy that most closely matches the symptoms and give a 200c dose 3-times-a-day for 3 days, or until symptoms improve. If the remedies help temporarily, but then symptoms relapse, then repeat another 3 days.   


Gelsemium (most likely remedy)

Fatigue, prostration, dizziness, drowsiness, fever, aching muscles, muscular weakness. Dry cough, sore chest.  



Ongoing Low grade fever. Prostration, muscular soreness. Offensive stools, breath, urine, sweat. Feeling of constriction of chest.



Pains in muscles and bones. Can even feel like the bones may break. Throbbing headache. Thirsty. Chest sore, chronic loose cough. 


Ferrum Phosphorica

For a persistent dry cough



For symptoms threatening to turn into pneumonia


What I’m doing: I’ve only started levels 1 and 2 so far. If needed I’ll move on to level 3 and 4.

Note: You can be doing all 4 levels of this plan at the same time. This is not intended to be a definitive treatise, just some useful notes that people might consult to help their families if the Coronavirus turns into a worldwide emergency. 

Disclaimer: This is not intended to replace primary care. Please do your own research and If you or your family start experiencing symptoms, please visit your doctor or a walk-in centre.