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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a 200-year-old system of medicine that is safe, gentle and very effective. It is based on the principle that ‘Like Cures Like’. Homeopathy is used by over 1.5 billion people around the world. The homeopathic remedies that I prescribe will gently encourage & assist your body to heal itself.

Safe: Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic, non-addictive & completely safe for everyone – young, old, pregnant women, babies & even if you are already on many other forms of medication.

Ethical: Homeopathic remedies are not tested on animals, nor are they petrochemical based. Instead they have been tested on healthy volunteers.

Empowering: I believe that we all need to take responsibility for our own health. As a homeopath, my goal is to make myself redundant, to return my patients to a balanced state of health that they can maintain themselves most of the time.

Effective: Don’t take my word for this, if you have found that nothing seems to improve the symptoms of your illness, invest in 3 or 4 treatments with me & see a difference.


Why does Homeopathy work?

The body has an innate intelligence. No matter what stresses are placed on it, the body will attempt to remain healthy/balanced. Illness results when the body is unable to retain this balance. Contrary to other systems of medicine, Homeopathy sees your symptoms not as something to be suppressed, but as your bodies attempt to regain health & balance. Our remedies simply assist the body in regaining this balance. One way to  think of illness is that the body is a computer and has had some of it’s software corrupted. The appropriate remedy is a piece of software the body-computer can use to repair itself.


What happens in a consultation?

This takes the form of a conversation between myself & a patient. The first consultation can take anything up to 90 minutes, the subsequent ones tend to be between 45 minutes & an hour. We will discuss the symptoms that brought you to me, your health issues during your life, your families health, any emotional or traumatic events in your life. Some clients find it cathartic, others start making the links between the events in their life & their state of health.


How long will it take for me to feel better?

This is dependent on a number of things:

Your vitality: A young person will generally respond faster to a remedy than an older person

The nature of the condition: A fever is short & intense…a fever remedy should make a noticeable difference within a few minutes. However something like osteo-arthritis is progressive & slow…only becoming apparent after many years. Improvement for this type of condition might only be evident after a few months.


How often should I have appointments?

I usually space appointments around 5 weeks apart. This is to give the remedy time to act, & for your body to go through it’s healing. There is usually no point seeing someone more frequently than this. However, It is best not to leave too long a gap between appointments. When you are under my care you will be going through a process, moving from one remedy to another as your symptom picture changes. Too long a gap can make this process very slow & frustrating.


Is there any evidence it will work?

Yes, we have two centuries of anecdotal evidence & thousands & thousands of cured ‘incurable’ cases. For scientific research into homeopathy, please see the Homeopathic Research Institute.


Is it all just placebo?

The placebo-effect is an important part of healing, in the past doctors were judged on their ‘bedside manner’. So part having a good therapeutic relationship certainly aids the healing process, but there is much more going on than just that. Homeopathic prophylaxis for epidemics has been very successfully used over the past two hundred years (most recently in Cuba where 2.5 million people were given homeoprophylaxis against Leptospirosis which proved more effective than the conventional vaccine it replaced). Also babies & animals often respond very strongly to homeopathic remedies.


Are there any side-effects?

No. Homeopathy is an energy medicine, therefore it is not toxic to your body. HOWEVER you may feel uncomfortable symptoms after taking your remedy & this can be for a number of reasons:

Your body is ‘re-balancing’ to a better state of health. Frequently this can involve cold or flu-like symptoms, and perhaps a fever. This rarely lasts very long.
You are very sensitive to the remedy (or homeopathic remedies in general) and are ‘proving’ the remedy. This should cease almost as soon as you stop taking the remedy.
You have been on allopathic medication for a long time.


Can I take homeopathic remedies alongside drugs from my doctor?

Yes, homeopathy is an energy medicine, there will be no chemical interaction between the conventional & homeopathic medication inside your body. However as the remedies begin to heal your body you may need to adjust your medication. For this reason it is recommended that you should inform your G.P when commencing homeopathic treatment.


How much will it all cost?

Homeopathy is a very cheap form of medicine when compared to modern ‘techno-medicine’. The National Health Service in the UK costs £110 BILLION a year & counting. The remedies themselves, being unpatented, cost about £5…& you probably won’t need to take them for very long. (This isn’t a great business model by the way!)

You should budget for about 4 sessions, & then we can assess your progress.


Where can I buy homeopathic remedies?

Helios Pharmacy, UK

Ainsworth Pharmacy, UK

Natural Health Supply, New Mexico USA

OHM Pharma, Texas USA

Simillimum, NZ


How Can Homeopathy Be Useful To You?

• It can support your overall well-being. If you are feeling run-down, or have lots of niggling symptoms, homeopathy can boost your energy levels. Often these niggling symptoms will disappear shortly after the treatment.

• It can address specific conditions. For example you might just want treatment for your angina.

• It can support any of your organs or systems that need a bit of help. For example your immune system may be compromised, or your liver not functioning correctly due to toxicity.

• It can address inherited tendencies. For example a heart weakness that runs in your family.

• It can stimulate the elimination of toxicity from your body that has been caused by drugs or environmental factors.

• It can desensitize your body to specific allergens using remedies made from that allergen.

• Homeopathy can heal physical or emotional trauma, even if it was caused many years ago.

• It can provide support in times of stress, helping you prevent the development of the stress related illnesses that are so prevalent today.

• Homeopathy is useful to you from cradle to grave.


  1. Nitsa

    What is energy medicine?

    • Alan Freestone

      I would define energy medicine as medicine which seeks to work directly with the body’s own healing energy, so I’d classify Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and many other modalities this way. Homeopaths call this healing energy our ‘vital force’, TCMs would call it ‘Chi’, Ayurvedic doctors ‘Prana’ and so on.

  2. Nitsa

    Thank you. So how does homeopathy do that?

    • Alan Freestone

      Hi Nitsa,

      I’m afraid I can’t offer an explanation. As a clinician I can observe homeopathy working very effectively helping people, but the actual mechanism-of-action remains unknown. There are a few theories out there, probably the best people to contact about this would be the Homeopathy Research Institute (

  3. Laura gluchowski

    Hi Alan. My 16 yr old son has autism and came down with PANDAS approximately 9 years ago. I’ve tried everything I can think of to help him (steroids, antibiotics, antipsychotics, diets, supplements, etc., most recently, IVIG). Absolutely NOTHING has helped him…he actually seems worse now than ever. I’ve turned to genetics and have only just started methylation cycle protocols. I came across your autism and fever post and was very intrigued as my son “normalizes” during his (rare) febrile events. Since I’ve tried conventional and somewhat unconventional medicine, my son has nothing to lose with homeopathy. I’m willing to give it a trial. I would like to set up a consult in the near future. Thank you, Laura

    • Alan Freestone

      Hi Laura
      Lovely to hear from you. I have sent you an email.
      Kind regards

  4. Anna

    Hi Alan,

    Just saw your guest blog post on and it led me to your site. Do you have a protocol for patients struggling with weight issues?

    • Alan Freestone

      Hi Anna
      Homeopathy can often help with weight issues, especially if there is an emotional or hormonal-imbalance issue behind the problem. If you’d like to arrange a chat about this on Skype, please drop me a message:

  5. Jimmy MacVarish

    My step daughter is 37 years old with autism. What are the odds you can help her ?

    • Alan Freestone

      Hi Jimmy
      I couldn’t give you any odds, I’d have to know the details of your step-daughter’s case.
      Kind regards

  6. Missy

    Hi Dr. Freestone,
    We came to know of you through the Thinking Mom’s Revolution Blog. Our son has been diagnosed with PANS since 2012. We have tried double strength antibiotics for him and it worked for awhile but then caused a lot of damage to his gut. Our DAN dr. agreed that we should try homeopathy but so far the remedy that our son is on (belladonna) from a local ND has not helped. Our son has ASD but thankfully is able to tell us what he is feeling….yesterday he asked for help and said that this is too hard. We are listening and would like to ask how we can set up a time to consult with you. Is CEASE something that needs to be done in person? Thank you so much for your time Dr. Freestone. We look forward to hearing from you. I will be recording the online conference on Homeopathy through the Thinking Mom’s website.
    With blessings

    • Alan Freestone

      Hello Missy

      Lovely to hear from you. Belladonna superficially ‘should’ cover a lot of PANS symptoms, but it often doesn’t work. It’s so interesting to me that so many kids with PANDAS/PANS are also ASD. In my opinion there is a common cause (toxins!). I see most of my clients over Skype, you don’t need to be in person. Let me know what timezone you are in & I’ll arrange a suitable time for us to speak.

      Kind regards


  7. Missy

    Dear Dr. Freestone,

    Thank you so very much for responding so soon. I sent you an email response as well but thought I would post my response here as well. My husband and I are in PST.

    We look forward to hearing from you and thank you once again for your timely response and willingness to help our son.

    With blessings,
    Missy and Ron

  8. Sumona

    My 3 years old daughter diagnosed with autism.She cant speak,hand flapping problem,crying excessively,picky eater,serious sleeping problem in night.Please help me.

    • Alan Freestone

      Hello Sumona

      I sent you an email on 22nd Jan but haven’t heard back from you.

      Kind regards


  9. Donna Whaley

    Hi! I heard about you through a Thinking Moms Revolution member. My 9 year old son has an autism diagnosis, but has always been atypical for autism. His main issue has been language. No behaviors or issues with learning, sleeps well and is rarely sick. He does have seizures. In 2013 he was diagnosed with PANS. This is far worse than anything we had to deal with pertaining to his autism. He has had heavy metals checked twice. They were low. However, his measles titer was 4 times what it should be, 8 years after receiving the mmr, and no boosters. Could the measles virus be what is wreaking havoc and causing his symptoms? Can you help? Thanks so much!

    • Alan Freestone

      Hello Donna,

      I have sent you an email.

      Kind regards

    • Krish

      Hi Alan
      My 4 year old son is non verbal autistic symptoms which are not diagnosed yet is there any complete cure in homeopathy if something like to consult you.

      • Alan Freestone

        Neither I or anyone else can guarantee a ‘complete cure’. However I’ve seen many children improve dramatically under homeopathic care. If you’d like to speak to me further, please book a 15-min intro:

        Thank you

  10. Azia

    Hi Alan ,
    I wonder if homeopathy helps kids with autism and language and speech impairment to be able to talk ?

  11. Tia

    Hi, what are your charges for consultation and remedies?
    Secondly where’s your clinic in London?

    • Alan Freestone


      1st appointment: £128
      Follow-up: £95
      Short follow-up: £30

      Remedies are ordered separately from the [pharmacy. They are around £5 a remedy.

      • PJ

        Hi Alan,

        Do you have a special rate for siblings? I have been to 3 homeopaths for my two boys until now not much progress.

    • Amie

      Hi Alan, what are your charges for consultation and remedies?
      And where in London are you based?

      • Alan Freestone

        Hello Amie,
        I’m not based in London anymore, I’m up in Birmingham. Almost all my calls are via Skype/Zoom though.
        Charges: £250 for first one, then £30 for short follow-ups, £95 for long follow-ups as required.

  12. Rachelle

    Hi Alan, found you when researching. I see your primary clients are children do you by any chance consult for dogs? Thanks in advance.

    • Alan Freestone

      Hi Rachelle
      Unfortunately I’m not allowed by law to treat animals. There are some great homeopathic vets around though.

      • Rachelle

        Thank you for your reply Alan, my search will go on

  13. Ienas

    How much consultation? And follow up sessions?
    Are remedies included in price?

    • Alan Freestone

      $200… follow-up $150 or $45
      Remedies separate, approx. $5 each

  14. Jan Anderson

    Eight year old boy with autism. Eye contact is not good, lives battle bots and talking about it all the time get angry if you ask him to talk about something else, he gets very angry if you ask him to do something and he does not want to do it. I ask him to read and he said he wanted to burn all the books and that he hated me.


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