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Welcome to 2020 everyone! Once again, sorry for my intermittent blogging. I’m often overwhelmed thinking about cases and writing here just gets deprioritised. So, what is new for 2020? Well, I’ve increased the price of my initial consultation substantially. It now costs £250 for a first appointment with me. I’ve done this for several reasons:


It takes a substantial amount of work for me in the first appointment. I’ll be building a timeline, looking at test results, trying to figure out the ‘why’ of a case, and coming up with a treatment plan to follow for the next few months. However while moving older case files into storage to make space in my filing cabinet, I noticed how many people had come for first appointments, but never returned. This makes me sad, as I know the incredible benefits that homeopathy can offer. It can be quite common for first prescriptions not to do what we had hoped, but the reactions to them can be incredibly useful at guiding me to better prescriptions. I don’t offer magic pills, I offer a gradual improvement in your child’s health and symptoms. Sometimes ‘gradual’ can be spectacularly fast, other times it happens over 6 months. So, I hope a higher initial cost will incentivise people to stick with homeopathic treatment for longer.


It’s also a way of keeping my fees unchanged for existing patients and these haven’t increased in around 5 years. My follow-up fees remain: £30/$45 for a quick 15 minute update and new prescription, £95/$150 if we need 45-60 mins to delve a little deeper. 


I hope that this increase won’t prevent too many people from seeking out my treatment. In some future It would be fabulous to have a grant program in place to subsidise those less able to pay. 


Secondly, I’m still under pressure by the ‘powers that shouldn’t be’ to censor what I say. In future I may have to have a separate UK website which will be bland and cautious, and an international site where I’m actually free to post testimonials, case-studies, and talk about my work and the that protocols I use. 

Here’s a link to yesterday’s Ask Me Anything on my Facebook group, Effective Autism Treatment:

(you may have to be a member of the group to watch)


Finally, I’m looking at a few new protocols to try this year. It came to my attention that Risperidone can cause gender dysmorphia in some boys. I have several of these cases under my care and I’d never thought to do a Risperidone detox on them up until now. Honestly, our children are being assaulted from so many angles right now that it’s hard to keep up with all the potential threats. I may write a longer post about the link between Risperidone and gender dysmorphia at a later date, but it would certainly be interesting to try this detox and see what outcomes we can achieve. 

Another protocol I’d like to try is using Leucovorin in low potency as a supporting remedy for those stubborn non-verbal cases, and trying Folic acid detoxes for those cases where it might be of benefit. As my patient’s know, the homeopathic literature is frustratingly silent on remedies to improve non-verbal cases. Sometimes we get amazing improvements and explosions in language after detoxes, in others we get improvements in other areas but frustratingly little progress with speech. There’s a clear relationship between MTFHR gene mutations inhibiting the body from processing folic acid, folate blocking antibodies, and the resulting folate deficiency being connected with a lack of speech.   


So we might see a non-verbal case with MTFHR mutation and folic acid supplementation during pregnancy respond well to the following protocol:


Carcinosin 200c (often good for autoimmune issues)


Folic Acid 30c, 200c, 1m, 10m detox


Leucovorin 6c or 12c every evening


I’ll try and be more regular with updates. I’m also re-writing the FAQ section of the website to make it much more comprehensive, but this has turned into a bigger task than I expected!



Jan 2020