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“Findings support idea that gut microbiome has a role in disorder.”

It has been reported in Nature that mice displaying autistic symptoms can have their symptoms ‘reversed’ with doses of human gut microbes.

It is very encouraging to me that research is being done into this area. I know of many cases of good quality probiotics improving autistic symptoms, and there are anecdotal cases (including one of my own patients) who were NON VERBAL before probiotics were added to their diet.

One interesting thing is that the scientists induced the ‘autism like’ behaviour (and concomitant gastrointestinal issues like ‘leaky gut’) by injecting them with a ‘chemical that mimics vial infection’. So… injecting toxic chemicals into an animals bloodstream can lead to autism? (!)

Probiotics are an important part of my treatment protocol for Autism Spectrum Disorders. I recommend Mindlinx, though any high-quality product (you want viable organisms in each dose of at least several billion) will suffice.

Autism is not a ‘lifelong neurological condition’ as mainstream medicine maintains. It is an often treatable, reversible medical condition frequently associated with gastrointestinal problems.