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Vaccines can cause injury and even death. This is just as true today as when the famous 19th century homeopath J Compton Burnett coined the term ‘Vaccinosis’ to describe the damage that he observed the vaccines of his day were inflicting on people. He found the remedy Thuja to be very useful in treating the ill-effects of the smallpox vaccination, a remedy we still commonly use today.

How many people are affected by vaccine damage?

The short answer is – we really don’t know, health agencies simply aren’t recording the long-term effects of vaccines. However there are vaccine damage compensation schemes in place, and they have paid out billions of dollars over the years. These schemes are taxpayer funded, a tacit admission that the authorities are prepared to ‘break a few eggs to make an omelette.’ In other words, I believe that health agencies know that there is a risk of injury from vaccines, but they are willing to risk individuals health ‘for the greater good’. Here’s a link to the story of a recent admission by the UK HPA (Health Protection Agency) that the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix can cause narcolepsy.

I know that the G.Ps of many of my patients simply wouldn’t entertain the idea that vaccines could be a causative factor is the children’s illnesses, so the possible links were never recorded. The backlash against Dr Andrew Wakefield linking the MMR jab to autism has made many doctors in the UK reluctant to suggest a link.

What’s the problem with vaccines anyway?

I split the harm that vaccines can cause into three parts:

Toxins: Vaccines contain lots of nasty things that should never been in our bloodstream – from mercury, to aluminium, formaldehyde, various preservatives, and so on. This link has more information. Our body has to both defend against damage from the toxins, and excrete them. Many of my autistic patients have impaired detox pathways in their liver, so they have more difficulty excreting these toxins and have to store them in their tissues. This is why a HMA (Hair Mineral Analysis) is a worthwhile test, so that we can get an idea of just how much toxic material is in the body.

Shock from Disease ‘Information’: Introducing a disease, even in attenuated form, directly into someone’s bloodstream (the nearest equivalent in nature would be receiving a bite from a venomous snake) can cause the immune system to behave very erratically and set off a long-term pattern of over- or under- immune response. Combination vaccines are even worse, our immune systems never had to deal with an assault by 5 different serious pathogens simultaneously! It’s no wonder so many people today have auto-immune disorders.

The cumulative effect of vaccines: This is the most insidious effect of a public-health policy that believes that people can be protected against all infectious diseases, you just have to vaccinate against each one. So year-by-year the vaccine schedule gets longer. Our bodies are designed to cope with a certain amount of toxins, a certain amount of pathogens…but there is a limit, beyond which our systems start breaking down –

chronic gut inflammation leading to malabsorption and the myriad of allergies and food intolerances that have exploded in recent years.

‘chronic fatigue’ symptoms are at epidemic proportions!

Brain inflammation and toxicity as heavy metals and other substances cross the blood-brain barrier and are stored in brain tissue. This, of course, is what can lead to many of the neurological symptoms of autism and heavy-metal toxicity.

Endocrine dysfunction – our thyroid gland is often called the ‘canary in the mine’, this sensitive tissue is often first to be damaged by vaccines. The Thymus gland, so important to our immune system, is also often damaged.

I haven’t been able to find any studies looking at the cumulative effect of the standard childhood vaccination program, none. However even the most bone-headed public health official must concede that each shot contains a certain amount of toxic substances (the mercury, aluminium, etc)…so at a certain point, these toxic substances will start to cause measurable harm.

Another effect that homeopaths have been warning about for over 100 years is the damage caused to our offspring. The state of health and vitality of children born to vaccine-damaged parents is compromised. This ill-health is further compounded with each generation. Again this link is not currently being research, though I observe it daily in my practice.

Why aren’t we all vaccine-damaged?


This is a subject dear to homeopaths heart’s, It is the observation that we are all different!

Yes, some illnesses are contagious, but what is interesting to me is, why do some people get the cold that’s going around and others don’t? …Susceptibility – You have to be ‘vibrating’ at the same level as a germ to resonate with it – too high a vibration (if you’re immune-system is humming along in top condition) and you don’t get sick, nor do you ‘catch’ the illness if you have too low a vibration (for example if you are dealing with a serious health condition like terminal cancer). In the same way, some of us are more susceptible to vaccine damage than others.

I have observed that there are usually several factors that lead to vaccine damage:

  • Genetics

  • Substances that your mother ingested during pregnancy including amalgam fillings and anti-nausea drugs

  • Traumatic or premature birth

  • Emotional trauma in the family

  • Quantity of vaccines

In recent years we have discovered that some of us has gene mutations that make us less able to methylate than others. Put simply, some of us are poor at excreting heavy-metals and other toxins. One gene that is implicated in this is the MTFHR gene and almost without exception I find that the autistic children I’m treating have this mutation.


Repairing Vaccine Damage

So what can we do about all this? Is it really possible to repair vaccine damage, nerve damage, an impaired or deranged immune-system, pathological tissue change, Chronic Fatigue, mental symptoms ranging from delayed development, to depression, to aggression, to memory loss, to psychosis? What about damage that has occurred many years in the past?

In my opinion, homeopathy is uniquely equipped to help repair vaccine damage. In this first post, I will outline how to remove the toxic substance itself (the MMR vaccine for example), in part two I will discuss the other methods that are often necessary to use alongside this ‘toxin clearance’.

The type of homeopathy where we remove a toxic substance by using a remedy made from the identical substance is called Tautopathy.

Here is the standard protocol I use,this is an effective way of both testing for & treating vaccine-damage:

I will use four different potencies (this refers to the number of succussions & dilutions the substance has undergone to render it homeopathic) of the suspected toxin, let’s call it toxin A. – 30c, 200c, 1m and 10m

So if you wanted to order this from one of the Homeopathic Pharmacies, Helios for example, you’d ask for: ‘4 grams of pillules of toxin A (insert vaccine name here) in 30c, 200c, 1m and 10m.’

Start with 30c. Take 1 pill on Tuesday evening & a further 1 pill on Thursday evening. Watch for a detox reaction: fever, increased sweating/urination/thirst, loose stools, cold/flu, any other sort of discharge – including emotional upset. Is there any reaction?

Yes: Continue with 1 pill of 30c the next week, Tue & Thr. Continue for as many weeks as there is a reaction.

No: move to the next potency (200c in this case) & repeat the protocol.

Move through each potency until there is reaction to any of them. Typically there will be reactions to only some of the potencies.

Please try not to ‘treat’ the reactions with allopathic (conventional) medicine, this will suppress the body’s healing reaction.

Some extra notes: Please don’t start a homeopathic detox listed above if you have bowel problems such as constipation. In my experience you’ll stir up the toxins, cause an aggravation in symptoms, but then the body isn’t able to excrete them. So you get an aggravation without improvement.

If the substance isn’t causing you any problems, you’ll simply have NO REACTION to any of the potencies.

If you have found this post useful, please share it and drop me a line I’d love to hear people’s experiences and to help in any way that I can.

Alan Freestone, Ireland

6 March 2014