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2 years ago my son was diagnosed with regressive Autism and sensory integration dysfunction.  1 year ago we began a few biomedical interventions that offered some benefit, but not much change overall.  6 weeks ago we started homeopathy with Alan, and I’m already starting to get my son back from the grips of this disease.  Our journey with homeopathy began with my feeling cautiously optimistic, but I am now confident it will go down as the most important step in his recovery.  In 6 short weeks on the Poly Vaccine remedy, my son toilet trained 100% for the first time (he’s 5 ½), has improved eye contact, is initiating play with peers and his family, is speaking in complete sentences, has been trying new foods, and is cured of a year-long molluscum contagiosum (viral wart) outbreak on his legs and belly.  His teachers, therapists, and other friends and family have all noticed the difference in him.  Several have noted, “It’s like his light came back on.”  As a parent of a child with a disability, the one thing I wanted to feel was hopeful.  Hopeful that I could help my child live his best life possible, and hopeful that his recovery really could be a reality.  Alan has given me that hope.  I could not be more grateful!
Cindi Gaines (Texas, USA)                                                                                                                                                              April 3, 2015