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“I was at first not sure if Homeopathy could help my son, who has been diagnosed with ASD and global development delay but wanted to give it a go. 
I was so amazed at what happened next, after the first dose of the poly com (vaccine detox remedy) , my 6 year old son transformed in front of our eyes. He had really significant calm periods, he started communicating more than one word and this communication had meaning rather than just being repetitive.
I had my first morning of my son laying beside me peacefully intent and focused on “stuff” and cuddling with me. I felt like I was on holiday, I was just able to enjoy my son without our usual mad chase around the house in the morning to stop him from creating chaos.
He actually started speaking and interacting at school on his first day back after lockdown. He had previously not spoken at school so that was huge for me and the teachers. He is focussing for longer and seems to be taking more in.
He still has a long way to go and we still have periods of frustrating behaviours and chaos, with much less frequency but with Alan’s help and homeopathy, I can now see a future for my son that is hopeful”.