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This is another interesting case study that I’m using to highlight the ability of homeopathy to deal with psychological symptoms caused by a chronic infection. 


Here are the details:

Male, 14 years old, presenting with a PANDAS diagnosis.

His main symptoms include: Extreme OCD around food, his appearance and exercise, physical tics & jerks, anxiety, constant throat clearing. These symptoms are all-consuming and debilitating when he is in a flare.  


They started after he had several sore throats at the beginning of 2022. Initially his parents had taken him to a therapist for the anxiety and obsessions, but quite quickly the perceptive therapist said “I can’t help you, I think this is medical.”


Medical tests were now carried out and blood tests showed extremely high antibodies for Streptococcus bacteria. He was started on a course of Amoxicillin antibiotics, and this immediately helped to reduce the severity of all his symptoms by 50%. It was also at this stage that he was diagnosed as having ‘Sydenham’s Chorea’.

Here is the definition of Sydenham’s Chorea given by the NINDS (National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke):

Sydenham chorea (SC) is a neurological disorder of childhood resulting from infection via Group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus (GABHS), the bacterium that causes rheumatic fever.  SC is characterized by rapid, irregular, and aimless involuntary movements of the arms and legs, trunk, and facial muscles.


Unfortunately his symptoms all relapsed once the Amoxicillin prescription had finished and he ended up in hospital for more testing. This became a traumatic experience for him as at one point he became very anxious and distressed and was physically restrained by hospital security, strapped down to a bed and injected with sedatives. What a barbaric experience to go through at fourteen years old in 2022!

Unfortunately, this is often the treatment recommended for this condition by pharmaceutical medicine. Here are the recommendations from the NIH website:

…sedative drugs, such as barbiturates or benzodiazepines, may be needed. Anti-epileptic medications, such as valproic acid, are often prescribed.  Doctors also recommend that children who have had SC take penicillin over the course of the next 10 years to prevent additional manifestations of rheumatic fever.

To a homeopath, this seems barbaric ‘medicine’. These treatments could potentially have long-term effects on a child, including adversely affecting brain development, setting up a future of addictions, as well as the antibiotics potentially causing longterm problems with the gut.

Obviously his family quickly removed him from the clutches of these ‘healers’ and tried another doctor. This time our patient was prescribed a different antibiotic, together with an anti-inflammatory drug. These again helped reduce his symptoms, but once again this was only temporary and they returned once he was taken off the medication.


To a Man With a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail:

This is just an aside, but can you see the primitive tools that allopathic doctors are working with here? ANTI-biotic (literally anti-life), ANTI-inflammatory, sedatives, ANTI-epileptic. This isn’t HEALING, it’s suppression. At best they might help reduce or mask the symptoms temporarily as long as the drugs are being given, with the hope that eventually the body will overcome the chronic condition on its own.

So, after several months of antibiotics & anti-inflammatories to reduce the symptoms, the family realised that they weren’t being offered a long-term solution and found their way to me. As always, I built a timeline to help me figure out what was going on. It was here I discovered that his speech regressed after the childhood vaccinations at 18 months old, but later returned. This might indicate issues with his immune system. Apart from this, it was a very ‘clean’ timeline, with nothing significant occurring until the onset of the Strep throats earlier in the year. 


1st Prescription:

Streptococcus Pyogenes Nosode 30c

Carcinosin Nosode 200c

Controversially I’ve gone with two ‘nosodes’ (homeopathic remedies made from disease products) simultaneously. The Strep Pyo was given because this seems to be the ‘bug’ his body is struggling to overcome. The Carc was given speculatively to try and improve his immune system, and because it matched many of his symptoms.


Result: In an update after two weeks his parents reported that his OCD was now “off the chart” and that his meltdowns had also increased. However, his physical jerks had stopped entirely. At the end of the four weeks of treatment, everything had calmed down. The OCD, which could be all-consuming, was MUCH less frequent and of shorter duration. Still no tics or jerks present, though the patient reports that he can feel ‘jerks or shakes’ but they are not visible to other people. Parents had also entirely stopped one of the prophylactic antibiotics he had been taking, and the other one was being tapered down.


2nd Prescription:

Streptococcus Pyogenes Nosode 200c

Carcinosin Nosode 1m


Exactly the same remedies as the first prescription, just in stronger potencies.


Analysis and Conclusion:

I’m very pleased with his reaction to the remedies so far and I expect him to make a full recovery. This case illustrates very clearly how effective homeopathy can be in treating conditions where allopathic/pharmaceutical medicine can’t offer much, or where their treatments are potentially dangerous in their own right.

Integrating homeopathy into health provision would save a lot of money, and offer suffering patients an effective modality that could rapidly treat their symptoms without potentially serious side-effects.


Alan  Freestone

October 2022