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As my practice has grown I’ve  gotten out of the habit of writing about some of my cases, but I really enjoy the process, and need to remember that homeopathy is still relatively obscure. What is obvious to me, may be new information to other people. Here’s an interesting case that shows the power of these ‘obscure’ homeopathic methods to succeed where other methods would have failed. 


The case is as follows

An 8 year old boy presented with some extreme psychological symptoms: He feels suicidal and talks of killing himself with a knife. He has depression and feelings of hopelessness. Curses all the time. Extreme OCD and fears of contamination. Paranoia with many fears at night, of being alone, of ‘bad guys’. Reports that he can see ghosts, which he calls ‘the spirits’. Unsurprisingly he sleeps poorly, and always needs someone with him in the room. There were lots of other symptoms, I’ve only included the most prominent ones here. There is clearly a serious psychological disturbance going on, and he has been presenting these symptoms since he was 4 ½ years old! As you can imagine this was extremely concerning for his family.


As usual, whilst I took the case I built a thorough timeline of the boy’s life starting from before his mother’s pregnancy right up to the present day. Part of the ‘art’ of homeopathy is trying to uncover causes. What happened to someone to give them these symptoms? If I can find a probable cause, I’m part of the way to a solution. In other cases, there’s no discernible cause for the symptoms and we’ll have to use good old fashioned homeopathy and use the symptoms to find the correct remedy. 


The parents had suspected that a chronic Streptococcal infection was behind the symptoms (PANDAS), but the tests were negative. He had previously received homeopathic treatment at age 6, and the remedies prescribed had helped some of his symptoms, however they quickly returned. This was a clue to the case. It suggests that there’s a ‘maintaining cause’, some reason that causes his psychological symptoms to keep relapsing.


There were several possible reasons that occurred to me. His mother’s father had committed suicide during the pregnancy, this could have caused an emotional trauma that the mother passed on in-utero. He also had a very traumatic birth, there were lots of medical interventions and his mother experienced prolonged periods of extreme fear during the process. He also reacted negatively to some of his childhood vaccines. Could the vaccines have deranged his immune system and thus made him more susceptible to chronic infections? Finally, he had lived in a mouldy house from birth until 5 years old.  


To me, the most likely candidate because of these particular symptoms, was the mould exposure.  What I LOVE about this method of detox homeopathy is how I can use the remedies to test whether or not I am correct. If I give a remedy to detox the mycotoxins (mould) in his system and it turns out that I’m completely wrong, then simply the patient will not respond to the remedy. This feedback will then guide my next prescription as I keep searching for a solution.

I think of the remedies like little packets of information, we aren’t introducing any foreign molecules to the body. If the information is not needed by the body, then the remedy will be ignored. This is true unless you give a remedy over & over again, in which case you may get ‘proving’ symptoms.


First Prescription:


Aspergilis Niger 200c for the first 3 days, then every Saturday for 4 weeks


Arsenicum Album 200c every Tuesday & Thursday for 4 weeks



Result after 4 weeks: 


All psychological symptoms ceased after the very first dose of Aspergilis 200c and have not recurred. 


This demonstrates in quite dramatic fashion that:


  1. The cause of all of these serious symptoms were mycotoxins in his body caused by the historic mould exposure.
  2. That homeopathic Aspergilis can help the body to remove these mycotoxins.


We are now continuing with a mycotoxin detox protocol where we will give the Aspergilis remedy over the next few months in increasing potencies. I expect a full recovery over time. Imagine what may have happened to this child’s life if he had remained untreated, or if the parents had gone down the allopathic path of giving psychiatric drugs to mask his symptoms? 


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Thank you


Alan Freestone

October 2022