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As you may know, I specialise in treating children with autism and developmental delays. To date, I have seen over 1600 cases, and have been lucky to have had many beautiful outcomes. Many people come to me after trying various methods of biomedical intervention. There are definite fashions in the biomedical approach to treating ASD. From gut reset, to candida, to parasites and biofilms, to chelation. Each theory and method has its advocates, as well as it’s fair share of successful outcomes. 


One of the currently popular reasons cited for biomed or homeopathy sometimes not helping in  cases of autism is the presence of high levels of mycotoxins from mold exposure. 


Mycotoxins are toxic metabolites produced by certain fungi. There are many of these that can be very dangerous for our health. They can cause fever, pneumonia-like symptoms, heart disease, rheumatic disease, asthma, sinusitis, cancer, memory loss, vision loss, chronic fatigue, skin rashes, depression, ADHD, anxiety, and liver damage Was it possible that some of these ASD children were more susceptible to these mycotoxins than other people, and could we help them?


*Narrator’s voice: Yes, that’s exactly what we found*


Initially I admit to being slightly skeptical of the mold thesis, but I’m always open to new ideas, my approach is ever-evolving as I strive to refine my protocols and help as many children as possible. It seemed just another fashion in biomed. However, homeopathy offers us a method of TESTING to see if mold is in fact an issue or not. Some of you reading this might be familiar with CEASE Therapy, or homeopathy detox. This is a branch of homeopathy where we give a highly-diluted remedy made from the substance that we wish the body to detox. 


For example, a child comes to me with very high levels of lead confirmed after having a provoked blood test, or (less invasively), a hair mineral test. I can give the homeopathic remedy made from lead, and this will typically provoke a detox reaction in the child. We’ll see increased urination, increased sweating, changes in the stools or other signs. At the same time we will typically see an increase in comprehension and understanding, as well as improvements in the skin and the bowel movements. We can continue this process through various potencies of the Plum Bum until the child ceases to react. When he’s re-tested, we’ll see a reduction in the lead levels in his body.

This is such a beautiful method. It’s safe, it’s gentle, and it’s non-invasive. If we gave the same remedies to someone without high levels of lead, what do you think would happen? That’s right, absolutely nothing. That’s why we can use these protocols as a TEST, to uncover what’s really going on in a case. 


We can use exactly the same method to test for (and detox from) mycotoxins. We may either know the child has levels of mycotoxin, or we might just suspect it, say if his behaviour/health changes markedly after a change of housing. This time, we give a remedy made from highly-diluted mycotoxin, then we observe the action. If we see a detox response, this indicates the ongoing presence of mycotoxins and we can begin the protocol. 


As I said, I was initially skeptical, but I started testing using these mycotoxin protocols, and I can tell you that mold often IS a problem with these kids. They reacted to the protocol, and their symptoms improved. Some afterwards began reacting to homeopathic remedies which were indicated for their symptoms, but which had failed in the past. This indicates that mycotoxins can sometimes be a ‘barrier to cure’, and will need addressed before classical homeopathic remedies will be effective.     


I’m not sure WHY some are more susceptible to the mold exposure, and others in the same household show no ill-effects, but I suspect that there’ll be a genetic reason. Certain mutations will likely make their bodies less able to process mycotoxins than others, just as the common MTFHR mutations reduce many people’s ability to detox metals. 


I am sure mycotoxins are a major problem that we are just beginning to explore, and I expect to treat many more cases in the years to come.  

If you suspect your child may have affected by mold exposure, please feel free to book an initial 15-min appointment to discuss with me further.