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A mother brought her 8 year old boy for treatment back in May 2022. He had an underlying diagnosis of autism, but since a bout of Covid  at the start of the year he was presenting with a new set of symptoms:

  • Aggression, hitting, screaming,
  • Alternate crying then laughing uncontrollably.
  • When in a flare (multiple times a day) he looks ‘possessed’ with a wild look in his eyes.
  • He has lots of extreme fears: of the dark, his mother not being close by, seemingly little things can make him very fearful.
  • Difficulty processing information
  • Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour
  • Increased hyperactivity


I hadn’t heard of post-Covid symptoms like these before, so I was intrigued to take the case. It became apparent that he had suffered a suspected strep throat at the onset of these symptoms in January. During antibiotic treatment for this, all of the above symptoms disappeared, but came back once the treatment was finished. The evidence was pointing more to PANDAS than Covid at this point.


The obvious prescription (for any homeopaths reading this) was 4 weeks of these two remedies:

streptococcinum (a remedy made from Streptococcus Bacteria) to help his body resolve the underlying bacterial infection


Strammoinum as it was the indicated remedy based on his symptoms


Within the first week his symptoms were dramatically improved. No more fears, no aggression, less hyper, more aware, better vocalising. He is now telling his mum that he wants to return to school and see his friends, after months of not being able to leave the house. His sleep and bowel movements are also much improved.

A lovely result. We are now moving on to treat the autism symptoms and I hope we’re going to get equally rapid results.

Here is a testimonial from his mother, printed with permission:


After many months looking for an answer to the behaviours of my 8-year-old autistic son I came across Alan Freestone and this homeopathic treatment on an internet page. And after many hospital visits, hospitalisations and bunch of tests and lab work I decided to give it a try. Thank God I made that decision because he was the first person to tell us about Pandas and possible treatment. The change in our boy after he started homeopathy has been remarkable, everybody agrees that he has changed and in a good way. We are ready for the next step of treatment hoping to see the good results we have seen until now. I would like to thank Alan from the bottom of my heart  for giving us our son back and for also helping us as a family.
Thanks a lot