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At an (unnamed) NHS hospital more than 4-in-10 patients undergoing abdominal surgery die within 30 days!
Is this REALLY the state of 21st century medicine?!

What is more shocking is that this study only covers 1800 patients from the 35 hospitals that agreed to take part in the survey, we have no idea what the figures are for the 200 hospitals NOT surveyed!

Further shockingness (o.k I made that word up!) Is that this data isn’t collected as standard. In fact I’m sure most of us would assume that they have this sort of data going right back to the founding of the NHS. It is scandalous that the information isn’t freely available to patients to allow them to make an informed choice.

It is further proof that con-med is a danger to the population. Thank goodness we have safe, effective alternatives at a fraction of the cost.