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The result after 1 month of treatment.

Prescription: Natrum Muriaticum LM1 & a Tissue Salt combination.

“A month has passed since the last time we spoke and you told me to follow the below treatment.

The tissue salts combination I chose  from Helios was comb. 5 (calc ph/ferrous/Kali ph/mag ph/nat ph).

First day (18th Aug) I took Nat. Mur. 10 drops, I saw at night a really vivid dream that was positive and without stress or fear. I dream seldom and it is always stressful. From then everything else changed gradually. I can wake up in the morning and not feel more tired than the night before, I feel normal, and can start the day without enabling tiredness. Also I have in general more energy and am willing to do things. No mayor headaches/ migraines. The only thing that happened is that my menstruation needed about two weeks to start with drops of blood each day, then it started on the 20 th and the high flow did not stop until the 3rd of Sept. Yesterday, it started again but this time without any fuss and is normal. So my hormones are now starting to work correctly I feel. The same day I started with the Nat. Mur. I also started a diet that works with me ( variation of paleo diet) and since then, following it ( not always strictly), I have got my stomach smaller, so I am not that hungry all the time. After a gastrederitis (7-12 sept) I lost three kilos and since then one more. Before that I could not loose a grammar.

Lastly, even thought negative things are happening in my work, that does affect me a lot, I feel more happy than before and my relationship with my boyfriend is much better. “