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We approached Alan for help with our six year old daughter N who have been diagnosed with autism. We suspected that N had been damaged by the MMR and possibly other vaccines and had read accounts of how homeopathy can help with vaccine damage.
N’s autism is not as severe in that she has a good language. She does however suffer from severe anxiety, phobias, agression and some compulsive behaviours as well as big problems with social interactions and other issues associated with autism.
After only two days treatment I was blown away bacause we were able to get out the door in about 10 minutes, an ordeal which would normally take around an hour (from the first attempt to get shoes and jacket on), and N was happy at the end of it!! During the following few weekt we have seen some ups and downs but the general trend have been up. The biggest change have been in the reduction in anxiety, but N is already also making improvements in cognitive and social development. Some examples of these are, she has made more complex and elaborative drawings than she has ever done before, she has gotten better at puzzels, she has played better and on a more mature level with her siblings, she have attempted to make contact wiht other children more than usuall and she is overall much less anxious around other children and in social situation.
We are so gratefull that we found Alan and are amazed with the changes that we have seen in only a few weeks. And we are, most of all, so exited about the future (something I suspect many parents of autistic children are longing to be).


– mother of N.D