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50 Reasons For Being a Homeopath’ is a lovely little book. It consists of 50 letters from the famous homeopathic doctor J. Compton Burnett to a young skeptic ‘Dr T.A.K’ & was written around 1888. It still shines with truth today.

Part 16:

You remember my case of hiccough cured by Natrum muriaticum? Well, while my mind is still dwelling on this very wonderful remedy, I will adduce another cure by it as my sixteenth reason for being a homeopath. In it you may again note the expansiveness of the conception of similitudes, for this case grew out of the hiccough case:

John H, aged 29, seaman, came to me April 21st, 1878, telling me that he had had fever and ague (fever caused by malaria) two or three times a day, with watery vomiting, in Calcutta, in September, 1877. Was in the Calcutta hospital three weeks for it, took emetics, quinine and tonic. Left at the end of three weeks cured; but before he was out of port the ague returned, or he got another, and he had a five-month voyage home to the port of Liverpool. During the first three months of this homeward voyage he had two, three, four and five attacks a week, and took a good deal of a powder from the captain, which, from his description, was probably Cinchona bark; then the fever left him, and the following conditions supervened, viz: “Pain in right side under the ribs; cannot lie on right side; both calves very painful to touch, they are hard and stiff; left leg semiflexed, he cannot stretch it.” In this condition he was two months at sea and two weeks ashore; and in this condition he comes to me hobbling with the aid of a stick, and in great pain from the moving.

Urine red and muddy; bowels regular; skin tawny; conjunctiva yellow.

Drinks about three pints of beer daily. I recommended him not to alter his mode of life till he is cured, and then drink less beer. The former part of the recommendation he followed, as I learned from his brother; of the latter part I have no information.

The hiccough case bears directly on this one , as we have evidently to deal with ague suppressed with Cinchona. Therefore ordered Nat mur. 6 trit, six grains in water every four hours.

April 27th – Pain in side and leg went away entirely in three days, and the water cleared at once; but the pain returned on the fourth day in the left calf only; which today is red, painful, swelled, and pits. He walks without a stick. Continued medicine.

May 4th – Almost well; feels only very little pain in his left calf when walking. Looks and feels quite well, and walked into room with perfect ease without any stick. He thinks he had a cold shake a few nights ago. He continues to perspire every night; ever since he got the ague the sheets have to be changed every night. Continue medicine.

May 11th – quite well.

I will here urge you to make a profound study of salt in all it’s bearings; but it’s being such a grand calorifacient in refracted dose, and during this deadlock of ague and chinchona, will surely entitle it to be considered a very good reason for being a homeopath, since it cannot be so used on any other than homeopathic ground.