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50 Reasons For Being a Homeopath’ is a lovely little book. It consists of 50 letters from the famous homeopathic doctor J. Compton Burnett to a young skeptic ‘Dr T.A.K’ & was written around 1888. It still shines with truth today.

Part 20:

If I had not promised to say more about Natrum muriaticum, I should have liked to narrate to you a very interesting case cured by it – a case of very severe headache – but I must keep my promise. I may, however, just say that the lady is the patient of a medical man, both living near one another at the seaside, said gentleman having given himself some trouble to ridicule my published observations on the effects of Natrum muriaticum – for all that Nat. mur. cured the lady. Telle est la vie – medicale.

The wife of a country squire came to me, at the beginning of the summer of 1887, with severe headache at the back, that had made her life sour for a good twelvemonth; she always woke with it; it was throbbing; and during the menses she also had a frontal headache. Left ovary a little swelled and tender. Thuja occidentalis in a rather high dilution and in infrequent dose cured her right off. She waited three months to see if the cure was real and then wrote me a grateful letter of thanks.

Please let this cephalalgia, cured by Thuja 30, be my twentieth reason for being a homeopath.